i was reading everyone's comments about Wen and hair loss. i looked up the ingredients for WEN from their own website and it contains the same ingredients as Pantene. This is why your hair is falling out, because Pantene contains silicones. I have used Pantene for years and also had a lot of hair loss and when researching it, found the answer.

you can recognize if a product has silicones in it, if the word ends in cone. i switched to natural products and have no hair loss now. One product that is 100% natural is Aubrey Organics.

Please do not use these products with silicones, save your hair!!!!!

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I have used Pantene for years, and on my daughter occasionally too. No dramatic hair loss. She lost it all with Wen!

I'm going to be real careful what I buy now, no Parabens, etc, but there is something else in Wen, or maybe a combination of things!




Hey Thanks for the info, I used Panteen & noticed alot of hair coming out, now I know why!

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