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the products are not what they say< I started loosing my hair after I shampoo twice. then called customer service for return and they wrre plain rude, Then after I said via email I did't want any products they mailed to me anyways,and now I have to pay the reurn shipping!~~~ This is a a very well marketed scam!

I am not sure if the people on the infomercials are paid for thse but they real actresses because no hair dose taht change excelpt with teh help of a stylist. So do not be fooled like I have !

Review about: Wen Shampoo.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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This product does not deliver what it advertises. In August 2011, I placed my order but I was never told there are two formulas nor was I told that they would be sending me automatic shipment thereafter.

I was so excited to try the product but that turned into disappointment. Day 1, my hair was greasy hours after shampooing but I continued to use it hoping it would get better. Soon after, I noticed it was taking longer to blow dry my hair and if I added product to my hair, it became instantly greasy. After 3 weeks, I called to return it, the operator offered me the other formula but I really did want to take the risk with a product that did not deliver what it promised.

I was then told that my refund would take 4-6 weeks even though they were able to post the debit instantly when purchasing they need a month and a half to “process” a refund. That sounds very inefficient to me! To my surprise, I received another package mid-September, even though I had called on September 1st to cancel my order. Long story short, it is October 4, 2011 and I still haven’t received a refund.

Learn from my mistake.

DO NOT believe this infomercial. Spread the word to family, friends, co-workers.


my wife had a similar setuation. no need to proof read Jbaugh. if you cant understand her then you have to be dumb


they answer right away to sell you the stuff- but when asked if the product has an almond or mint smell the woman isn't sure if she can smell the mint but uses it on all in her family- I call another woman and after deciding it has more mint smell I ask about when I need to cancle by if I don't like it - she doesn't know and says I'll have to call customer service - I said okay i'll do that now- she "put me through" and I've been on hold listening to music for 20 minutes at 3:45 am - Nice!


you should proofread before hitting send. cannot understand what it is you are trying to communicate.



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