Reston, Virginia

I am very disappointed in the advertisement of the wen product. I purchased this product on the television through Gunthy Renker.

I was told when I purchased this product that I would be getting a shipment every 30 days for the price of 29.95. When I didn't get my next shipment after 6 weeks I called and they told me that I would not be getting a shipment for 90 days. I cant imagine that this product could last 90 days as I have shoulder length hair and my supply last me 6 weeks. I used the exact amount of pumps that the bottle read.

I have been trying now to get a refund and I have gotten no help.

A very dissatisfied customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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The last post I read. The wen girl call sign.

I think that she needs to know how to talk english. I don't want to comment on the spelling. How can someone this day in life not know how to spell. Find a library!

Also go back to school.

Computers *** near spell for you. You just select the word.


I use WEN as well as my Mom, 2 sisters and 3 of my 5 daughters (other 2 can't afford it yet). We LOVE the products!

We went directly to WEN, custom service is great never a problem. I recommend WEN to everyone who comments about my very long, beautiful and shiny hair.


well i would like to infrom all of yall that when u order this and you talk to a rep they will and should let you know that you are getting a 30day kit and when you cxl if you are cxling with a balance on the shipment dont be dumb it's not canceling the billing on the 90day kit but canceling for other kits to be ship out to yall, if you people read your paper work you would know how the program work if not stop ordering *** that you have no busniess ordering specaily if you cant pay for it fyi to some of yall :zzz


How can you be more disgusting?What? Do you think arimpt hair is something to be cutlivated and grown?

Are you gonna harvest it when you grow some more? Just water it daily, fertilize it every now and then, mow it every Saturday, and before you know it, you will have a nice lush arimpt lawn under your arms.

Just beware of earthworms. They like nice warm enviroments like that.I don't want any more arimpt hair so don't ask me if I can grow some more.


Rachel who posted a damning comment on September 18 , regarding people's bad spelling , misspelt ' there ' . It should have read ' their ' :grin


Iordered the product and was dissatisfied so I called to cancel the re orders and they never did. Three months later they charged my credit car $97.84 for products I had not ordered .

I called my credit card company and was reimbursed my money, and I sent them back their stuff. Now about a year later they are sending me statements to pay the products I sent back.

Guthy Renker is messing up, trying to charge me for products they already have in their possession. I called and was told they would send some affidavit of some sort but was sent a new bill instead


I tried this hair cleaner.My hair is thick and curly.After using it for several weeks my hair started falling out.So I advise everyone to be careful with this product.


I think everyone that complained should learn how to spell. U need to buy the product through HSN instead of the informercial There return policy is awesome.

But please ladies if u cannot spell then use spell check! :roll :roll


I m not happy with wen. I order the product for try and they charged me on my credit even if I cancel the product. And didnt return my money yet.


i have read all the complaints i thought i would be a wen girl but i dont htink so with this many complaints .i no me i go crazy talking to costomer service. thats a no no for me .glad i check with google befor i order :( :cry


i have read all the complaints i thought i would be a wen girl but i dont htink so with this many complaints .i no me i go crazy talking to costomer service. thats a no no for me .glad i check with google befor i order


If you look at the 30 day supply they send you (1) 12oz bottle of cleanser, (1) 2oz styling cream, (1) 2oz remoist, & (1) .35oz texture balm. One would think that a 90 day supply, for 3 times the price would mean 3 times the product.

WRONG!! You get (2) 16oz cleansers (do the math, that's 4 ounces less), (1) 4oz styling cream, (1) 4oz remoist, & no texture balm from what I was told by customer service! Do the math before you order. They only DOUBLE your supply, not TRIPLE what you are paying TRIPLE for!!

Ugh, get it together Guthy Renker!!

Sell it as a 60 day supply with (2) 12oz bottles and stop ripping people off!! :(


I am a hairstylist and Wen is the best cleanser I have EVER used! I have extremely thick, course, curly, colored and highlighted hair that I straighten all the time and this product has done wonders for my hair!

I work it into my hair really well and scrub my scalp with it like u would a normal shampoo, comb it through and leave it in for about 5 minutes. I only wash my hair about every 4 days and my hair comes out very clean, soft, moisturized and shiny. It does not make your hair fall out! If anything I find I'm losing less hair after I'm done washing and combing it.

As a hairstylist it is pretty much impossible for any type of shampoo to make your fall out! I have NEVER heard of ANYTHING like that happening in 15 years of doing hair let alone a cleanser like Wen that using no type of harsh detergents and has so many nutritional ingredients in it. Your best bet is to order it right off the official Wen website so there won't be any issues that most of people on here are complaining about. I have had my large bottle for 2 months now and still have enough for another month.

Plus I use half the amonut of pumps suggested for my hair which is almost down to the middle of my back. In addition to me using it my mom does too and we have complete opposite hair textures but it works just as well on her as it does me which I find amazing because we have never been able to use the same shampoo or products.

I have been suggesting it to ALL of my clients and everyone of them who bought it have fallen in love with it! If you have any questions about this product email me and I will give you a correct description of this product


:) i loved this product it made my hair thiker and softer as where i die my hair all of the time it also adds that extra mosture i nead and helps me keep my color longer as well my mother uses it we order it from QVC and have never had an issue she does it auto where they send it to her every month or 2 somthing like that but i choose to order it only when i am about out cuz i use it as a leave in after i wash and she uses it to wash with i mean sometimes like once a week i wash with it but not everyday it also has helped my dandruf issue me and my mother love this product my aunt also has tryed it and sais she is going to order it cuz she loved the way it made her hair feal so ty QVC & Wen


I love WEN I've used it for years my hair is naturally dark brown and I dye it black. prior to using wen the black would wash out to the point it didnt look like I dyed it so I eventually stopped.

I dyed it again about 5 months ago and I have grow out when you can see the rich black color from my natural hair color grow out. It hasnt faded AT ALL. My hair is soft and healthy and shiny. I order through gunthy renker and they've always been awesome.

When you buy the product it clearly says you will be charged 29.95 a month I don't understand how that was missed by anyone.. And people saying the product is horrible and claiming it did nothing you aren't using it right. Theres a learning curve to it. I admit I put it back on the shelf a couple times myself because I didn't get the hype but when I really watched the videos and learned how to use it the results are AMAZING.

It may not be for everyone but I've been happy with the customer service from gunthy and I'm extremely happy with the wen product. As with when you order anything and enter your credit card make sure you read all the terms your a agreeing to and maybe you wont have to complain about something that was clearly stated.


i bought the wen hair care system from ebay as i have had dealings with guthy renker in the past (bad). Anyway it smelled lovely, and i noticed it left my hair feeling soft and beautiful...when it was wet!

as soon as it dried my hair was a greasy mess. i didn't usually suffer from greasy hair but now i do, thanks to this *** product.

i don't know what it did but now my hair is greasy every day, even after changing back to my normal shampoo and conditioner. Total rip off and waste of money


After reading the comments above, I feel so lucky. I've been using Wen for a few years now and still love it.

Luckily, I've never had any of the issues listed above.

I'm 47, color my hair and use all kinds of heat on my hair daily and my hair has never been better. I love the product, not as crazy about the Mango Coconut, but it's still good.

I give samples to all my friends and they love it too.

I would suggest ordering through QVC if having customer services issues dealing directly with the company.

Either way, I've been fortunate to have been spared all the problems above and I swear by this product. :)


This is BS because I thought I would get once every 3 months. They sent me what they now say is 3 months worth and charged my account 107.$

I canceled then the dude tried to sell me another product. Canceled today.


Well, I've never even used the Wen products. After reading these complaints, I just wanted to "cosign" on the ***-poor quality of customer service that Guthy Renker provides.

I used to use their Sheer Cover product, but discontinued because it was so hard to do business with them. Totally have experienced EVERYTHING that everyone is saying here.



Is there not one happy customer??