I'm sure if people are just pissed off at how much it cost because Wen product works wonder for me. My hair is in the best condition in years!!!!!

Take the time to use the product correctly and you might start to enjoy it. IJS............. People should try it for themselves rather than go based on what someone else says! This is all I have to say but the site will not let me send if it is less then 100 words.

So, with all of that being said..........what is the plan for this weekend? Any takers...lol

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I ordered the fig cleasing conditioner from eBay then qvc and it does wonders for my dry mixed hair. I can wear it natural and I now use 10 less degrees when I flat iron my hair. Its growing and healthier then it has been in a long time!


DO NOT order from TV ads, that is handled by Gunthy Rinker. Order from QVC, great customer service!

:) I love my WEN products. If people actually followed the directions, it would work for them.

I don't use the stick balm. The little round container of conditioning cream, I put that in my hair after I wash it and leave it in.

I don't rinse it out. I get the best results that way.

What about the payments. Are they charging you more than needs to be?

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