Shame on you guys! I made 2 phone calls and asked that my delivery be cancelled.

I was told my order hadn't shipped yet and that was 3 weeks after I placed the order. One of those phone calls I actually hung up on the person. I was told to wait and try the product before I chose to cancel. I replied with "no thank you".

2 weeks later a box show up on my door step.

I shipped it back immediately and had to email and call again to tell you that you had received it. Thankfully I paid extra for tracking!I should be refunded to entire amount after the trouble you have caused me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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total scheme, DO NOT BUY WEN!!!

it is a total scheme to get your bank account information. no matter how many times you call to cancel they keep sending product and taking your money! what a rip off!!!

Im part of the customer service, I work for Wen Haircare. We have a replenishment program and thats why we ship to you a shipment every 3 months.

Until you call us and cancel your account.

And yes, we do have return label so you dont have to pay for the shipping and handling at the postoffice, he wasnt lying. :)

I read these reviews and just figured I would cancel my "membership" as soon as I got the product (unless I was totally in love with it.)I called a month ago to cancel my membership and guess what? I received a new package on my door step.

I just called AGAIN and they said they have now canceled my membership. I asked the guy why wasn't it canceled when I called last month. He said he did not know and that he could only help me now. Trust me.

They know what they are doing. There are way to many complaints about this for them to not know.

Anyway, he said that next week I will receive a postage label so I don't have to pay shipping. I really hope he wasn't lying.

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