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I ordered the product to try it out but had no idea that it was a lifetime purchase according to Wen and therefore had to close my debit card to get them to stop. They lied and said the product was already shipped but according to the bank the draft had just taken place that day so there is no way they mailed the product without the money.

Very disappointed in the way they conduct there business. The product is definitely NOT worth the hassle.

My hair doesn't show any significant change and I have other products that work a lot better without all the high maintenance pump requirements, sprays, and accessory products that are really just a ploy for more of your money. You can get the same results with a lot of other product that don't require you to buy 6 bottles and jars of bull.

Monetary Loss: $57.

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Reviews don't do any good if they are full of nonsense like this.


Also the alleged "free gifts" are not truly free if you cancel they send you a bill for the free items too. $29.00 will turn into $256 with Wen real quick.


People stop wasting your money on infomercials, have you even concidered that they put them on at 2am for a reason???? My advice is to always check the reviews before you waste your money


I need to cancel my Win order, it is not for me, So Please stop payment, it is not what I needed.