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Update by user Aug 08

Glad they figured it out as it goes with other products so well and for those who use harsh chemicals, can’t imagine what else you would use. It dose not spoil and I just ran out of a 3 year old bottle the other day, Their main Shampoo which is really a combo is one of the best products on the market for treated hair and aging hair that is getting dry.

People were never meant to use such harsh soaps every day and that is way you see so many chicken necks and saging eyes peeking out from undernieth wigs at tge abe if 60, forget what yo moma did as she didn’t wash her hair but once a week in the day if she is from the Love generation or further.

They did scrub their shin raw though and sat under bibbets to dry that brittle hair as they waited for someone to carefully comb them out as they preyed the comb out did not turn into fall out. Beauty School was an eye opener and so was my discussions with American Indians that first made soap as we know it today but in it’s most basic form and did not use it every day, Wen should do a PR Tour.

Original review posted by user Mar 28, 2018

I think Wen was singled out by some hair dresser with their own product line. How could it be on the market for so long without any problems and all of a sudden common sence goes out the window and there are all these victims that lost half their hair in one washing and used it again and lost the other half? It is called Munchhousen,Munchausen by proxy when someone dose it to their child. It really sounds like people that can’t seem to take responsibility for their own actions or they have a savier mental problem. All products do not work for all people. That is why they want you to return the product if it causes any problems and not continue to use it for months and then blame them.

Some people can’t eat peanuts but do not read labels and sue or die due to it. Where this peanut allergy came from is not relivant yet only in that it is rare and over used with people telling service providers they are alergic to anything they don’t care for. If it is burning your scalp you should stop.

Every hair product has a warning to do a test and everyone states they have problems from the start. This is not a cheap product and you can not buy it off the shelf. It would have been a harder than normal purchase to do and more attention should have been payed to it if it caused iching and all this hair falling out. One person went so low as to pick at my spelling because I stated she lacked common sence.

Hair Color, Shampoo, Perms, Conditioner and any cosmetic has a warning and if you refiuse to take it seriously, it’s on you. Wen has been cleared even though a handfull have tried to blame them for this reaction yet kept using it. Why would you use something that caused you discomfort for months is a disorder, like cutting! If you used this on someone else and are one of the people that half of their childs hair came out in the first washing and went on to loose the other half to the next washing your must be sick. You need a Doctor. Your child should have been taken to a hospital with the product for testing. Why wouldn’t you?

Picking at my spelling dosen’t make your case any more legitimate as the issue is dead. They sent out questionaires to everyone and were very nice about it. You had you chance to deal with it then and it has been years now. They have survived and it is time to move on.

Every cosmetic comes with a warning but no one wants to read or use the instructions, even when it come to costic solutions like perms and color.

Use common sense or blame yourself. Some of these postings had me going for a wile and then I realized it was all in my head and I needed to switch up now and then. You should loose 100 strands of hair during a wash and would only realize it if your hair is long. Ask your Cosmotolagist to look it up and see if they still have their therory book before they try to sell you what is on their shelf. It goes by DNA, Color and Age.

Hair has a growth lifetime. Indians from India have the longest hair folicle lifetime as anyone on this planet. That’s why they switched to their hair for weaves. Do some home work and then come to the table with some plates. To single out a company like this when so many sold things like perms that made the roll-up actualy fall off when used on fragil hair or left on too long or the countless hair color/bleach and perm horror stories? They got to a hair dresser for the next one didn’t they.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Wen Pros: Can take damaged hair and put add life back into it.

Wen Cons: People are using it for scapegoat.

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You’re stupid and you probably work for them. Some people experienced hairlost after ONE use.

So your long block explanation doesn’t mean anything plus all the people who won that lawsuit would say the same. What works for you doesn’t work for others especially if there is a lawsuit and they won.