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I have been using Wen for abput one year now and am very pleased. I am 52 years pold and my hair had begun to dry out and get frissy.

My hair is tinted and I blow dry it and use a curling iron on it almost evert day. I also swim a lot. I had tried other products, and although they may have temporarily soothed it until the nest washing, they did not really solve the problem. Wen haircare did.

I did leave it on longer than it called for - normally at least 20 min. with a shower cap over it, then rinse it very well with cool water. After a while, I did start to use a clarifying shampoo once a week - as to eliminate any bulid up - and to keep my hair from going limp. I do think that with ANY shampoo/conditioner or even face moisturizer - that after so long you do need to change up the routine.

Your body needs different nutrients and is bound to need a change of pace. I am atually at that place with Wen right now - but in a few months, I plan on returning to use it. I have had no problems with their shipping/ordering process either. I did change from ordering it every 3 mo.

to every 4. No problem. ANd for the moment have cancelled my shipment altogether (again - just for a few months) and have experienced no problems with that either.

I guess everyone is different but, I like Wen. I have given some to my daughter, and she likes it, too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

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Hi there,

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I have been using WEN for about 6 months now, and it has totally transformed my hair!! My hair is now growing longer, is healthy and shiny!!

And I order it from QVC, they have ALOT of great kits and prices are wonderful!! They have a clarifying one, I believe its the Cucumber one so consider that one when wanting to change up!! I change up on them! WEN also now has this AWESOME one called 613 and its AMAZING!!

Right now I have the Tee Tree Oil one, GREAT for DANDRUFF and dry scalp, and the Sweet Almond Mint, and the 613 and change up on them. I also dont use as directed, lol. I put alot in my wet hair, comb thru and sometimes leave it one for 2 days!! Thats right 2 days!!

Then I rinse very well and my hair is amazing!! Love, Love, Love WEN!! :) Sometimes I will just leave it in overnight, but its a great product and Im getting alot of people using it now cause of Me,lol. Try QVC when ordering your WEN, they have awesome customer service and option called easy pay where you can choose to pay for it over a few months w/o finance charge.

I hope that this helps!! :)