Los Angeles, California
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I rec'd what I thought was a promotional sample if products to try! Hated the product!

A few weeks later I rec'd another pkg. I contacted Wen and they explained it's like a club w/ monthly shipments. I canceled at that time and requested a return # for the unopened shipment. I had already paid for the first shipment on my credit card.

However, even after the authorized return I continued to get bills for product NEVER rec'd. Again I contacted the company and they said they would take care of it. THEY DID NOT. I finally contacted my credit card company they were billing without my permission for NO PRODUCTS.

my credit card company finally was able to get credit . I thought, "great-finally a resolution"!

NO SO, Now I have a Collection company sending me notices? This is a customer service nightmare and I now can't stand the face of Melissa Malano (spelling?)!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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I was excited to use Wen but it smelled too minty and reminded me of Tiger balm which is used for pain, so I sent it back they sent me the pomegranate but that also smells minty so I called and was told thar the product contains menthol like cigarettes how crazy is that. My hair was damaged after several uses, it looked dry and was breaking. This product is awful and those actors should be ashamed of themselves for promoting it.


Well, I have been reading all day, and this has made my mind up. I am 60 years old, and was thinking very seriously of ordering the whole set of stuff.

Not anymore.

I have fine THIN hair and can't afford to lose Anymore. Thank you for all the info.


So glad I read these reviews right after I placed my online order the only thing that would have been better if I had read them before I ordered I cancelled my check card and reissued with another number so hopefully I shouldn't go through this billing nightmare other folks are going through. Now just wait for the first order to get here to see who is telling the truth the consumers who hate it or the TV promo I'll let you know


I had to cancel my credit card too!

I called Wen will in advance of the additional shipment (which I was unaware that I had "previously authorized". Nevertheless, Wen product was dropped off by UPS.

I had to spend money returning the suprise shipment. I later call WEN inquiring about my refund. Of course, WEN was had great difficulty locating records that I had returned their unauthorized shipment. Finally, a credit was issued, but less shipping and handling.

BEWARE of WEN. Their business practices are dishonest.

Can't say much about their product. :(


You too?! I'm glad I read your experience.

I'm going to go to my credit card company because I've been going through this. It's crazy. I knew it was autoship, but they said to cancel just call customer service but several weeks and several calls later they are telling me that they didn't show anything cancelled and show that I'm scheduled for another shipment in November and I will take care of it now. Another person told me that even though I returned my shipment that nothing would be credited for 6-8 weeks.

(unacceptable). Another person told me they would send me an email to prove that it was taken care of. I haven't received an email. And every time I call I keep getting transferred from person to person.

It's terrible. I will contact my state's Attorney General's Office, the BBB and my financial institution.

I made my initial call in plenty of time before that next shipment would have been sent. It was about two weeks before anything should have been processed, so nothing should have been shipped in the first place and I should not have received any more packages.