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If Wen haircare is so good, why do they need to have these shameful marketing ploys to make customers get auto-shipped? A good product will inspire people to come back for more. Wen should really examine alternative ways to engage their new customers. After ordering Wen, it took about 2 weeks before my products arrived...I wasn't loving it, but I was still trying to figure out if I was doing it wrong...when lo and behold, 2 more weeks go by, and I notice a new charge on my credit card. No email notification in advance. I had read small print that suggested I was on a 90-day auto fulfillment, so I hadn't worried about anything to that point. There must have been even smaller print that says you get your first 90 day installment 30 days after you order your first order, regardless of how long it takes it to get to you. And who dictates what a 30 or 90-day supply is...you don't get a bigger bottle for longer hair!

Anyway, I'm all about principle here, and despite really wanting Wen to make my hair beautiful, I had determined that I could not support such shameful tactics. I wonder how many people pay the next 90-day installment price without any intention of continuing. By the way, when you call the sales line, your call is picked up immediately. When you call the customer service line, both times it took over 7 minutes to work through the robot, wait on hold, and finally get to speak to a live person.

After all this, I'm relieved that I didn't like it. It's working fine as a conditioner, but I never found, despite following instructions to a Tee, that Wen cleaned my hair sufficiently. It felt heavy and dirty and while I used to be able to wash every other day, there was no way I could skip a day with Wen.

I threw a fit on the phone, and I think the poor customer service rep just wanted to get rid of me. I got a full refund, and am still waiting for my return order slip, which they tried to charge me for, but again, I pitched a fit, and got it refunded. Don't let this company Bully you into product you don't want or need!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Wen Cons: Deceptive marketing practice.

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Immediate file an online report with the Better Business Bureau, they got me a full refund from this scam company.

Don't believe GuthyRenkerHelp, it's a stall tactic


Hello, Please contact our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet with details of your experience so that we can learn more and be of assistance. Thank you.


Goo for you. Wen is a dangerous product that causes hair loss in far too high a percentage of people.

Why would a hair product require you to agree to a 10 page document (when ordering online - look at terms and conditions.) in which the primary purpose is to take away your legal rights? It's garbage, and the only way they can get people to repurchase it is to force them!


Hello, Our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team is standing by to help answer any questions or concerns you have. You can contact the team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet or email the team at CorporateEscalationTeam@Guthy-Renker.com and someone will be in touch shortly to speak with you. Thank you.