After shampooing with the WEN, on damp hair rub in some

coconut oil that you can get at you local grocery store. Then

add a drop or two (depending on the length of your hair) of WEN as the conditioner. Then style and go. Our hair naturally does NOT reflect light, making it seem dull and dry. I wash my hair daily. Sometimes I rinse with coconut milk (you can get at the grocery store) to make it curlier. I like WEN very much, but I add other products with it, like the hair Mayonnaise that I get at a Hair Product Store like Sally's, and GLOP IT IN, during my shower. You cannot use any shampoo with WEN. It is THE shampoo and the conditioner. Experiment. Just before you style your hair, Gel it, with the cheap Gel for our hair that you can find at any store. Experiment with the amount. I have a short natural, and I do not have a texturizer in my hair. I have "happy nappy" hair, and get my hair to look like it has been texturized. Getting compliments all the time, makes me happy. I have not use strong chemicals on my hair since 2001. My hair is always easy to comb and style. compliments. I

use WEN as my only Shampoo, and it is one of my Conditioners daily as part of my morning shower routine. Sometimes I skip a day shampooing with WEN, but I wet my hair with the WEN spray, and then use the WEN to condition; shake my hair, hand-set my curls and go when I do not have time to shampoo.

Our black hair is very fragile, no matter how thick or thin it is

naturally. Experiment, and condition, condition, condition, and juice your hair up with conditioner, and your hair will be happy. But (WARNING) if you are using a product marked shampoo, along with the WEN, that is a disastrous combination for your hair in my opinion. You can tell it feels differently right away. Shampoo strips the hair, in my opinion. Hope this helps. --Dott-i in Phx, AZ

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

Wen Pros: Using the product to shampoo and condition.

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