Wen hair care systems is a rip off, they said i opened two different accounts, so they charged me on both, it was supposed to be a 60 free trial but i got charged twice, then when i went to cancel they said i had to pay 97 dollars for the 90 day shipment before i even tried the 60 day trial. i am so pissed don't try this product it doesn't do what it says it will unless you already have great hair, which i dont which is why i tried it in the first place what a piece of ***. soooo pissed

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $253.

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Since you place and pay for the product before it is shipped - reading the invoice is too late! The details on what you are agreeing to need to be specific and easily understood.

This isn't my opinion - it is the law - called false/misleading advertising.

I looked at the website, interested to try the product and did not see anything that indicated that there was a re-occuring charge, nor did I see anything indicating the return policy for dissatifaction. Needless to say, as interested as I am in this product, I will not order from a company that obviously does not believe in transparency of business practices.


I love to Network, Love to talk! I looked up this company for a couple seconds before deciding to buy, if it is a scam, Work of Mouth is Powerful, but if it is a God sent.

. . . Word of Mouth is Powerful.

I have two daughters , both with natural hair, on with curly the other with really....really tight curls. We will see.


Why you people don´t read the invoice...?

Your fault.


Hi There,

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase you can send it back for a full refund within 60 days. Our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team can assist you with this process if you would be so kind as to e-mail them at customerservice@guthy-renker.com.


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