I never order products I first see on an infomercial but this one caught my attention but after reading some comments I'm hesitant to try it. Worse was the comments by Wenworker2 who obviously misses the point entirely!

Most consumers are (lets face it) gullible if not hopeful and these infomercials bank on this to push their products. It's disturbing when sellers hide behind small print and exploit the desperation of consumers that just want to find a product that delivers what it promises. Moreover, it's shameful when they purposely under communicate the terms of the deal! To suggest that automatic delivery is designed to remove the hassels of re-ordering is a joke.

An automatic delivery program is NEVER about the customer.

If it were, it would give the customer the option without ANY strings attached. So grow-up Wenworker2 or at the very least come to terms with the truth that you're the freeloader that aides in the deception.

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I have had great results with WEN and Hair One. You cannot use hot water in the process, with either product, at all.

I use cool, boarder line cold, water to rinse. Hot water has not touched my hair in months.

Oh, and QVC is the way to go. GR is always a pain in the ***..


Selling is a business... advertisements are suppose to boil down to a selling points not yammer on and on on info.

That's why they have fine prints (not just to be deceptive). What advertisement ever spent time going over the fine print with consumers...that would be a ridiculous waste of time.

And autoship...is convenient and and helpful. It's like getting the discounted price all the time. Usually first time buyer get a good deal then the next purchase is higher.

(i.e cable companies...*** them) but people who don't read and do their research get suckered.

Fyi freeloading means getting something for nothing...THEY'RE WORKERS so they're not getting anything free!


Order from QVC not Guthy-Renker...different ingredient lists on what are suppose to be identical products. QVC is the same (ingredients list )as ordering directly from Chaz Dean.


Don't be afraid to try it...it is a great product. If you don't want autoship, order from Chaz Dean directly.

I did choose autoship, for the price lock. I have been using it for about two weeks now, just colored my hair today, and usually I get color on my hairtowel...but not today.

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