After seeing those darn infomercials time and time again, and watching a QVC presentation; I gave in to the hype and purchased the gallon size 613 conditioner and (3) three of the 32 oz Wen in various formulas. Hey! If nothing, I am a committed fool, having given in to the hype. I began using Wen in September 2013. I have no known health problems, not on any medications and prior to usage of Wen had healthy shoulder length hair, with no chemical adulteration. I purchased Wen via QVC as I do not believe in giving my credit card number to any company that may continue to charge for "automated" purchase of their products. This is a built in recipe for financial abuse on their end. Anyway, my initial use of Wen resulted in soft, easy to blow dry hair that had such a luster, I honestly mused that there must be something in this to cause such "slip" when in the shower as well as the unusual shine. My first several uses, resulted in hair that was bouncy, shiny and seemed to hold a curl very well. But, over the next 2 months, I began to experience clumps of hair loss in the shower that was well beyond normal shedding as well as a drying texture to my hair. As I was not using any other styling products, it was pretty easy for me to zero in on the culprit! I did a bit of research, after my purchase and use; note to self! Research of ANY product, should be before use! Anyway. Wen is loaded with silicone and other ingredients that literally block the pores of your scalp and choke the passage for hair follicles. This in turn over time will result in massive hair loss. Just think of primers used before applying your makeup! The silicone in primers block the pores and prevent perspiration from seeping out to cause your makeup to run. Thus, you need fewer touch ups right! Well Wen over time creates a barrier on your scalp and blocks the hair follicles, thereby prompting your hair to literally fall out. And because this product is laden with silicone like product there is a quick buildup on your hair shaft, literally melting the hair off. Now, this may not be true for everyone. Each woman will have varied results. But, this product seems to be marketed to those with color treated or damaged hair and thus proves to be counter productive if you have fairly healthy hair. I have watched the Chaz Dean infomercial with rapt attention and at the bottom of the screen, two things stand out; "Results will vary" and the women on the screen have had their hair "professionally styled", and there is no clear representation that ALL the model's were subjected to the use of Wen! Ladies to halt the hair loss you will need to do the following:

1) Treat your hair to a protein conditioner. I immediately went out and purchased Aphogee Protein treatment conditioner and this immediately stopped the breakage. I could literally count the strands I lost after this treatment vs. massive hair loss, prior to!

**Hair products both shampoos and conditioners can be either overly acidic or high in alkaline, thereby interrupting your hair's natural PH balance, resulting in a drying out of your hair and breakage.

**Apple Cider Vinegar is very close to the PH balance of ones natural hair.

2) Return the PH balance to your hair by periodically using an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. Massage into your scalp and hair to stimulate the scalp, and clear those clogged pores. This will also remove the buildup of the Wen product as well as other styling product that have built up on your hair and scalp without stripping your hair of it's natural oils. An additional benefit of an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is this is a natural detangler for your hair and is a natural treatment for those that suffer from dandruff. Detangling results may vary upon your texture and length of hair. Also note: an ACV rinse does wonders to promote shine and close your hair cuticle, thus reducing snagging and breakage. And don't worry about smelling like a salad, the odor dissipates very quickly once rinsed out and the hair begins to dry..:-)

3) You may need to cut the damaged hair out, or at least have the ends trimmed.

4) In areas where your hair has thinned out, try spot treatment with Nioxin. This is formulated specifically for women and comes in various formulates: thinning, color treated, etc.

As someone who has broken her hair off in years past from too much heat, falling asleep while coloring hair....Yeah, that was a hum dinger!!! ....Never, ever do your hair when you are tired....LOOL And most recently growing it out to a wonderful and outlandish length. I can tell you our hair really is our "crown and glory." When we perceive ourselves to look good, we feel good and our hair is a large part of this perception. Unless you have done irreversible damage to the follicle and/or root, the damage experienced by Wen can absolutely be reversed in time.

Here is wishing everyone Good Luck and beautiful and healthy hair....;-)

Review about: Wen Conditioner.

Monetary Loss: $320.

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I used this Wen for 2-3 years exclusively. Just started the unclogging process with Nioxin and I am almost afraid to wash my hair as the loss is extreme daily and worst since I started cleaning my follicles.

Now the crazy thing is my hair has grown the longest ever but it sheds horrible and was at one time bald at the center. It is paper thin.

anyone have good results after using for 3 years exclusively?

to Anonymous #1359358

I have used WEN exclusively for 12 years and my hair (and my daughter's) is thick and super healthy looking. I color my roots every 4-6 weeks and WEN is the only product I use. I get compliments about my hair all the time.


Thank you so much for writing this! My hair started falling out after I started using Wen 613 but I wasn't sure if it was the culprit because I was getting married and was under a lot of stress and thought that could be the reason I was losing my hair.

It could also have been that I lost weight very quickly and was on a weird high soy diet. Any one of those things could have made my hair fall out but I want to rule out anything that might have done it so I will no longer be using my 613 Wen and will def try your tips on cleaning my scalp and hope my hair regrows...

Reno, Nevada, United States #771366

Good review. What is with all of the "no" votes?

ACV is great stuff.

Thank you for the review--I was going to try this stuff but after reading the reviews--no way.


Dear Consumer:

Whatever steps you have taken up to this point, you are entitled to a FULL REFUND. 

You can still get  the refund, even though you might have cancelled the card.   All credit card

companies will help you, not just Cap One Visa.  Here's what I learned a long time ago with companies like DISH NETWORK, BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB, VITAMINS, WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS---- just how to put a stop to the  

Chicago, Illinois, United States #759870

Hey Jaden,

I see other anonymous post here, but I wrote the original novel about my experience with Wen....;-) To be fair, and I said this in my post, every woman's hair is different; different textures, with varied conditions. But speaking for myself, I am a woman in her 40's with no hormonal issues, not on any medications and have not subjected my hair to any chemical adulterations in a number of years. I began using Wen in September of this year (2013) with healthy shoulder length naturally wavy textured hair; Not overly dry nor extremely oily. My initial experience with Wen was pretty good! After shampooing with the product as instructed, rinsing and applying the recommended amount as leave in, I blow dried my hair and it was extremely shiny and soft. But, with each use, there was a noticeable build of this product and clumps of hair were falling, not shedding but falling!!!!!! With magnifier in hand, I looked up each listed ingredient and learned that Wen is far from "Natural" as advertised and is loaded with silicone as well as other topical ingredients that are known carcinogens. This is true of most products on the market and lets face it, we women still use our make ups, perfumes and other products.. :p But Wen, literally began causing my hair to fall out :cry I kid you not, I sought a consultation with a beautician who advised Wen was known to many in the hair care industry as the kiss of death for many women's heads of hair and I was advised to shampoo soon with a clarifying shampoo and have a protein treatment sooner rather than later to halt the breakage. It was further recommended that I try an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse to further strip the hair of any product build up and this would also return my hair and scalp to its healthy ph balance. I did as instructed and the breakage seemed to have stopped just as quickly as it began, after my use with Wen. My hair is now in a layered cut to camouflage the substantial hair loss and breakage pattern that was so random.

I am not one to tell anyone what to use or what not to use...But, based on my own personal experience with this product, I am not likely to be too quick to purchase a product ever again based on an infomercial.

And for those who still have doubts....I actually caught Chaz Dean last weekend on QVC hawking this product and promoting it's use not just for your hair but also for shaving your legs, facial treatments and to shampoo your pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!These represented alternative uses are not mentioned in his infomercials, leading me to believe that there is something in the chemical composition that he knows is causing havoc with a large segment of users and he is now putting alternative uses out there to cover his bases where litigation is concerned.


Reading these reviews, I gotta ask, whats up with people voting "BS" about women who have had what seem to be some very heart wrentching expereinces with a very sketchy product. If you bought it and have had no problems, but don't discount those that have had genuinely bad results.

All these people cannot be lying about this. These complaints are too prevalent and very specific about their experience to have been fabricated.

I am sure that over time, with enough of these complaints and filings, Wen like so many other products hawked on those infomercials will fall by the wayside..

Till then, Chaz Dean is laughing all the way to the bank. Cha Ching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #759852

Oh my Goodness-- I ordered the products-- all of them, and now after reading all the BAD PRESS I am afraid to use them. I have thin hair, but not so thin that it looks bad when fixed.

I, however, would not like to lose anymore--not even one strand. Thanks for your review. You are right about these women being sincere about their complaints and horrific experiences. Wen has been around for a long time- I'm surprised it is still on a one-hour Info,recital EVERY DAY, TWICE A DAY.

I think I was luckier than most about the $$$ situation. I learned a long time ago with DISH NETWORK, BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB, VITAMINS, WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS-- just how to put a stop to the


Used Wen, my hair fall out, I will never use this product again and I have shared my experience with everyone I have come in contact with. Just the weekend, met friends for dinner and one woman was seriously considering it.

Told her yeah, those infomercials are pretty convincing but showed her my bald spot, which was not there before Wen use. Simply took off my hat and the gasp said it all! Yeah, my real visable hair results vs. Chaz Dean's rip off infomercial and snake oil.....bald spots won out in this campaign!

Too bad, I didn't google about this product, BEFORE I tried it. Switched back to regular shampoo and conditioner and the hair loss seems to have stopped!!!!!!!! Shame on you Chaz Dean. The only bright spot for me is unlike some others on this site, I bought my *** via QVC and not your rip off website.

So, I am temporaily out of my hair for now ...I hope. But, I was not over billed, double billed or expereinced continued billing!!!!!

to Anonymous #759854

Oh my Goodness-- I ordered the products-- all of them, and now after reading all the BAD PRESS I am afraid to use them and will not use them.

I think I was luckier than most about the $$$ situation. I learned a long time ago with DISH NETWORK, BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB, VITAMINS, WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS-- just how to put a stop to the


To those who read these valid reviews and complaints and follow this up with harsh critiques of the writer's experience; either work for Wen or have such limited perspective that the cannot comprehend that their experience with this or any product is not going to be the same for others. What works for one will not work for another and as varied as we are as individual, so too will one's experience with Wen. But, you should really consider that the number of negative experiences expressed not only on this site but also on QVC, should give one pause as to the safety and adverse consequences for so many that dare to use this product.......!!!!

Buyer beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Niccip from Las Vegas,

I know this may sound odd, but it is true; an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse equal parts vinegar and equal parts water massaged on the scalp and hair should reduce the itchy feeling you are experiencing. An ACV rinse is a natural way to return your hair to it's natural PH balance.Wen causes a pretty rapid build up of it's product on the scalp and hair. Once this buildup clogs your hair follicles, you begin to experience hair loss. Think of the pores on your face; were they clogged with dirt and oil, you would experience outbreaks of bumps or pimples.....Well wen creates these same conditions on your scalp. Wen has a heavy content of silicone and silicone creates a barrier and permits bacteria to develop and block those follicles. Additionally, switch to a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup. Be mindful, your clarifying shampoo does not have to be clear. The creamy ones tend to be less harsh and will not strip your hair. Finally, reduce the frequency of shampooing your hair. In your effort to reverse the effects of wen you are litterally stripping your hair of its natural oils. As I too now walk in your shoes when it comes to hair damage from wen, I am treating my hair to weekly shampooing, and a protein treatment, every other shampoo to strengthen my hair and finally, have been doing ACV rinses to massage in my scalp to invigorate those hair follicles, ensure there is no residual buildup and smooth the hair cuticles.

Good Luck and wishing you a return to healthy, beautiful and flowing hair....;-)

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #758841

:sigh i too am using wen, started using it around aug or sept. Not sure, but ive noticed alot more itching since i stared using, my hair has been shedding more & more.

Im use to washing my hair at least 2 to 3 times a month. Now once or twice a week, trying to stop the itching. I now know after reading some complaints that its not just me, wen is good to a point, but i wont use it ever again. I love my hair & its growing & falling out at the same darn time.

:x can i get my money back? I cancelled my card after my order because i just didnt trust that they would wait til the end of the trail.

to niccip #759859

Dear Niccup:

You were smart to cancel the credit card, but you are entitled to the refund. You can still get the refund, even though the card is cancelled.

All credit cards will help you, not just Cap One Visa. Here's what I learned a long time ago with companies like DISH NETWORK, BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB, VITAMINS, WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS-- just how to put a stop to the

Chicago, Illinois, United States #758740

Hey Reginald,

Your comment made me laugh....;-) Yes my post is rather long, but I am not one to leave a sista hanging where hair care is concerned. I came across this website while doing my research on Wen and saw so many women writing about a similar experience. I also saw there were a lot of doubting thomases that wrote not so kind post that simply espoused their experience with Wen and not addressing the issue at hand.....So, I'd rather be long winded and informative, if possible than to dismiss the earnest and painful expression of a fellow sista who has trusted in the use of this product and lost hair. Working together for a common cause or solution gets you a unified community...fighting each other and pulling hair gets you some very unattractive women with jacked up heads of hair.....;-)


Holy shasta that's a long donkey post


Chicago Lady,

Loved your original post and the replies. Informative, classy and not judgmental. your advice rocks. I tried the apple cider vinegar rinse and could not believe this actually worked. I googled apple cider vinegar hair rinse and there are a whole lot of articles about the benefits of using this to get your hair back in shape.

After I began loosing hair, I saw my derm, who advised me to dump wen and put me on meds., but I am not a fan of medications and came across this site with similar complaints and read your post and I think I can calm my nerves knowing I can reverse the damage done with wen.

Cicero, Illinois, United States #756100

Thank you so much for this complaint/review of wen. I thought I was going crazy or something when my hair started to fall out with this stuff cause a lot of the reviews these women are swearing by it and finding this site really and truly calmed my nerves.

I can't believe that you wrote exactly what my beautician told me about this stuff clogging the follcles and how a vinegar rinse would be a big help.

Where did you purchase the aphogee and how did you use it. Could you please tell me how your hair is doing now.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #756397

Hey there in Cicero!

My hair is doing much better now. You can purchase Aphogee or any good protein conditioner from your local beauty supply store.

Just make sure you follow the directions. Like anything else, too much protein is not good for your hair, there must be a balance. Apogee goes on the hair and dries very hard. After the solution dries, DO NOT comb your hair, this will cause further breakage and damage.

Simply let it set for the recommended period of time and then rinse out and condition accordingly. As for the Apple Vinegar Rinse; this is a well known trade secret that many old school beauticians use to rid the hair of product buildup and stimulate the scalp. Take equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar and water, mix, apply to your hair and gently massage into your hair and scalp; let sit for a few minutes and then rinse. You will notice a faint odor of the vinegar initially, but as you dry your hair, the scent will dissipate....;-) Also, if you suffer from dandruff, the ACV rinse is a good home remedy to reduce those flakes.

Just remember; When your scalp is healthy, you will have healthy hair.....But, if there are scalp issues, you will have hair issues. Give your hair a break from excessive heat and harsh style manipulation and trust me, over time I bet you will have that beautiful hair of yours back swinging and swaying....;-) I do hope this information was of help to you.

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