Nashville, Tennessee
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Wen claims it takes 4-6 weeks to process returns. I still have to pay even if I have proof of receipt at their warehouse.

Now I have to deal with them again to be sure I'll get my $59.99 back. The product did not work on my new after-chemotherapy hair. I found something that would and totally forgot about this commitment that was pushed out 6 months. Now I'll have to wait 4-6 weeks to see my 29.99 back in my account (I suck up the $7.99 shipping).

I have to pay to ship back, get a receipt of delivery, and now have to wait -- during which time they will hit be with another $37.94 because it will ship before I get my first $29.99 back. If they are so wonderful and change people's lives with their product, why do they have to use my money for a long time to make ends meet?


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I take these diet pills so I can one day get in

the porrn buisness.


I take these diet pills so I can one day get in

the *** buisness.


This is a sham. They take your money and contine

to bill you when you tell them to cancel

Your membership before the first month

They don't refund your money after you

Send the item back. People need to bring

Class action suit against them


I too had this problem, I bought a bag in December and had to call 4 o 5 times. I had the tracking number with the time and date it was received at their plant.

I finally received a credit the end of February, 2 months after they received it.

Disappointed that I did not receive credit on the card I charged it, only credit at BBOS. Make sure anything that is returned is documented with tracking numbers.


I didn't get my first package until March 9th -- so almost a 2-week lag. I have to take it to the post office and pay for postage and delivery receipt so I can start the actual machinery toward my return process.

I guessing I'll get my first installment back in May. Then I have to fight and wait for the other two installments which they said I agreed to -- probably did in all the jive talk at the first order back in September.


After 4 calls and 2 garuntees that I would recieve a refund. I am still waiting.

Now they are trying to say that it wasn't recieved before the garunteed refund date. Last time it had been recieved and it was going to be 2 weeks to get my refund.

Still waiting. The stuff dried my hair out.


did you get your money back ?


did you get your money back ?