Tucson, Arizona

WEN hair products did not perform as advertised. My hair was dry, frizzy and unmanageable-multicultural.

I was excited abut WEN, however after using the product, my hair was more unmanageable and frizzier! WEN suggests using 10-15 "pumps" per shampoo-the other products sent with the shampoo were small in siza and not for long hair asd you would use them within a few days.

Wen is a complete waste of time and dollars! Don't fall for the unrealistic promises of these products - Chaz Dean lives in an expensive fantasy world - paid for by innocent customers-DON'T BUY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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My hair, too, has turned frizzy and very dry. I didn't have issues with frizz before until I started using Wen.

I received my first shipment after my trial one and am going to return it.

I read about all the difficulties people had with refunds and all, but I'm just curious...didn't they state that it was 100% satisfaction? If not happy, rather the bottle was empty or not - simply return it for a full refund?


on the infomercial- in fine print at the bottom of the screen- results may vary.

I also wanna point out that the majority of hair care products also say results may vary. Seriously, it's everywhere.


I tried it also and wasn't that thrilled. I had lots of body but that's about it.


Then they should not advertise as "For all hair types" that's false advertising. Not all people order off the website and cannot read the product labels if they don't have it yet now can they?

Most people, as I can see, have ordered off the infomercial phone number. I highly doubt the order rep is telling them "Oh, by the by, results may vary."

I am so happy I never order *** off TV.


cynical me- it also has "results may vary" pasted all over the site and the products.


Then why does it advertise as "For ALL hair types"?


Its not going to work on all hair types, obiusly.