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This is a VERY deceiving and predatory corporation. A customer should be able to buy a product without having to enroll in a monthly supply.. if we want a monthly supply, we should have the option to click another button that allows it.

I hated this product. Left my hair limp and dull and seemed to never wash out. I'm very upset because I thought I was rid of the product when I gave it away but no, I get another charge and a shipment that was sent BEFORE they deducted $46.60 from my account so there was no time for me to be able to call them and cancel it. I tried, but they said "sorry, it has already shipped and there is no way for us to stop it. Because I did call immediately the same morning it posted to my account.

Then I'm told by their Customer Service rep that I have to wait for the package, then it will take another 4-6 weeks to process the refund once they receive the package, minus the shipping costs.. AND I get ANOTHER email stating that I am going to get another bill from them for a balance on the account since I canceled.

So now, I have to wait for a package I don't want, pay money to return it and then wait to receive my refund 4-6 weeks AFTER they receive the package… meaning I would have to pay to send it back (Customer service rep said I had to ship it back and keep the receipt for proof), then I would still get "shipping" deducted from that same refund and a balance deducted because I don't want the 90 day supply (several inconsiderate emails sent to me) ..

I call that predatory.. and ultimately deceiving to unsuspecting customers. Wen should be ashamed of such terrible business practices. And the product was gross.. hated it.. after one week gave it away..

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

Monetary Loss: $46.

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I do agree that their tactics are unethical and underhanded and all about making money. HOWEVER, a lot of this stuff is disclosed on their website.

The FAQ page clearly says refunds can take at least 4 weeks. Their website and TV ad BOTH disclose the automatic monthly delivery plan.

They may not make things entirely clear and I bet they do bank on a lot of naive customers BUT ultimately as a consumer you have a responsibility to completely understand the contract you are entering into and if you don't then ASK! Don't buy if you're not sure or don't read the fine print!


I agree :)


Hey! I've been thru this...they told me to keep the box and the envelope unopened so that I could return it to sender w/o paying for shipping.

I took it to the post office and got a mailing certificate. I used the tracking number on it to check on the delivery...when I saw that they got it, I called them and they used it to do the refund(which took way less than 6 weeks) Hope this helps!