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I saw the infomercial, I read the reviews, I ordered it with high hopes. I'm not to saying it isn't a great product for some, even many, but WEN products are definitely NOT universal to all hair types, as they say.

Both my daughter and I have long, straight hair that is very fine and thinner than we'd wish. It shows oil at the roots very quickly and has to be washed every day, though sometimes a dry shampoo can coax it into 36 hours if the weather is not too hot.

I am 56 years old and take very good care of my hair---it is regularly trimmed and colored professionally, and I use salon products to keep it healthy. I was not afraid of the WEN prices, I'm used to spending money to keep my hair looking decent.

When my daughter and I use the shampoo and conditioner, our hair looks dirtier AFTER washing than before. My bangs looked so GREASY that I could not go out without washing them again with "real" shampoo.

We both tried using more, less, using shampoo only or conditioner only---nothing we tried made our hair look clean enough to leave home in. It also left a residue somewhat like BRILLCREAM that was totally disgusting.

We gave our shampoo away to someone with thick, curly hair---and she loves it.

It stands to reason that products that would tame and condition thick hair, coarse hair, even African American hair that has been chemically processed---would probably not work on straight, fine hair the consistency of Barbie's.

I'm sure this is a good product for many---it would not be so popular and widely used if this were not true to some degree.

I just wish they'd stop lying. It's NOT for everyone ; products that are too good to be true are generally that---TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE...

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I can tell you as an AA , this stuff was not for me either. And for some reason people think everyone of color has the exact same type of hair.

My hair is fine, wavy, and was shoulder length, before wen. My hair was healthy, no chemical processing or coloring and I can usually grow it at the longest mid waist and have cut it as short as pixie style back in college. Over just a few months Wen rendered my hair; dry, brittle and it began to fall out in globs while in the shower. Also began to experience my scalp itching like crazy.

I never, ever experienced this before. I went to walgreens and got a clarifying shampoo and washed all that *** out of my hair. it has only been a couple of weeks but my hair does not seem to be breaking off like before and my scalp has stopped itching. I don't think this was a coincidence.

Since I wasn't using any other products, Chaz said you could forget all the rest cause his was the best.....So, Wen it comes to Wen this was a Loss!!!

I lost my money and hair. Bottom line, WEN SUCKS

Medford, Oregon, United States #708885

Hi Elsong,

I completely agree with you , it is not for everyone as they claim. My neighbor gave it a try and hated it, she gave me the kit and I liked it I have naturally curly hair and frizzies but won't order it because of the horror stories of auto-deliveries and being charged and sent more than I would need each month...that is no way to do business Mr. Chaz Dean, shame on you!

to lulu Vienna, Wien, Austria #762521


You can get it on Amazon for less when you want it.

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