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I started using WEN products over a year ago I thought the product was great for a long time, but realizing in the mean time, my hair was thinning. I thought I would contribute that to my age until I went to a hair stylist and she told me it was the WEN product and she requested I stopped using it.

Now even after stopping my hair is falling out more. I once had beautiful thick hair and now my hair is thin and I can't do much with it. I am only 46 and I am told I should not be loosing my hair that much.

I am healthy and in good shape. I wish I had never came across this WEN product.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hello- Our team is here to help. We take our customers’ experiences with our products very seriously and our Corporate Escalation Team would like to learn more.

Please contact the team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet with the information provided to us in your post so that they can assist. Of course, if you have concerns about your use of the product, we encourage you to stop using it for the time being so that we can make sure your questions or concerns are addressed.

Thank you. –WEN Customer Care