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I have used WEN products for several years now - no issues - no hair falling out..I think if your hair is falling out, you need a complete blood work evaluation, including thyroid levels, (T4,TSH) - and look at your diet, your stress levels!

Sometimes I think people just want to gripe!

Anyway - I love this product - don't own any part of it - no kickbacks on this note -

for those of you who have issues - see a doctor!

This reviewer shared experience about "my hair is better now! " and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall satisfied with Wen. He best about wen hair care from Wen was 6 plus years and still in love. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her for further discussion of this matter.

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I did. Used for a couple years Raved about Wen.

Didn't pay too much attention to hair coming out after couple years,thought it was aging. Then when head got pimple type sores & itched for months,wouldn't stop,went to 2 doc appts,then 2 dermatologist appts,needed antibiotics by this point & other shampoos etc,because it was folliculitis, which was caused by the hair follicles being clogged. No more Wen and I am still fighting the sores and broken hair strands,years later. So,you can't tell me anything about WEN and what it did to my scalp and hair!!!

I still can't get my hair dyed and am embarrassed of the sores and scars that still exist on my scalp. I will be joining the lawsuit!!


Too many people with the same problem. A few could have medical problems but most saw improvement when use of Wen was discontinued.

Do not believe you are a real reviewer.

Thousands of problems is not just complaining. Shameful should you be.


If you keep using Wen, you will lose hair, and maybe have permanent issues. Some can use it weeks, months or even years before the trouble starts.

my young daughter is very sensitive and lost it all hair over a 2.5 week period using less than 1 ounce of product overall. She began losing hair within a day. I didn't know it was the product right off, or I wouldn't have kept using it. Nearly a year and a half later, still huge bald spots, and it's affected the immune system.

This company is criminal. They have calls all day every day about hair loss, but will still sell it to the next sucker.

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, United States #1112110

I have been using wen for a couple years now and its drastically improved my hair. Before using wen, every time I got a hair cut my stylist would have to cut off so much more to remove the damaged hair.

Now since using wen by stylist has mentioned that I have no damaged hair and that she is sold on wen. I was struggling to grow my hair out and since using wen I noticed how long it's growing and how healthy it looks.

I have experienced no hair loss and refuse to believe that wen is bad for your hair. My sister and I agree that we will continue using wen despite of the hair loss complaints.


You have no idea what we are all going thru. Me and my 13 year old Daughter both used Wen and had major hair loss.

Explain the 13 year old's hair loss.

We stripped it out our hair and switched shampoo and the loss stopped. You are very fortunate but be careful because many used Wen for a very long time with great results but now are experiencing hair loss

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