Warrenville, South Carolina

nothing happened. Had looked at the WEN infomercial and was going to order and decided to look up reviews and complaints..

Pretty much everyone has had an issue with the company and it's consistent with the purchase, the lousy customer service, the hair care results.

I won't be a consumer to this company and I it's not in my best interest to allow a company to take my money and keep me to an agreement.. I think this is wrong for any business to make the demands on the consumer and hold them to a contract when they are dissatisfied.

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I just want to know you guys post Lee sent me an Xbox One a while ago and I did not receive it I had one it from a bag of Cheetos and I never received it and I was just wondering if you I lived with took it and that's what I was trying to find out but no one got back with me when I wrote a while ago so that's why I'm reaching out now because I want to know if they open or not so if you could please get ahold of me that would be great

It is really sad that these very low and disappointing results regarding the Wen products aren't somehow made to be televised. If this info was made public along with the informercial the company would have no choice but to be held accountable and at a higher standard.

They have gotten away with shady business practices thus far but, now it seems that the word is getting out the stay away from Wen. The consumers will prevail in the end.

I did heed all the WARNINGS! Thank you :)

I also want to thank others for the reviews. Here lately I've been intriqued by the ads. I think I'm better off not trying it now.

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