Loranger, Louisiana

Can someone suggest another product that is natural and will not make the hair fall out. I wanted to try the wen product but I do not like much of the reviews.

I saw a website that started with an "A" and no cannot find it. If you know of this site please let me know. It offered products for all hair types. I have thin hair due to cancer treatments and now thyroid problems.

Trying to get my hair to grow back thick.

I have no luck with some products that I found and used already . Any suggestions would be great.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

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Try the Nizoral hair care products, especially for people with thinning hair, etc due to chemo. I used it in 1996. Good results.

Good Luck


kevin murphy is a hair product line that uses all natural ingr. You don't use very much and leaves your hair soft without weighing it down.


I have been going through the same thing! Found out that WEN clogs the hair follicle from the essential oils and lack of FDA approval for daily use!

Was told by physician to use a clarifying shampoo or a mixture of jojoba and tea tree oil to your normal shampoo and hair growth should come back! Hope this helps!

I'm starting this tomorrow! :) ,)


Don't spend your money on these products. They do not work.

Period. When you purchase a hair product, like a shampoo, etc., you are really just buying the fragrance. You like the way it smells and buy it. Most of the ingredients in all shampoos are the same, at least the ones that matter are.

If it says "vitamin E" shampoo look and you will see Vitamin E in very small amounts as an ingredient. Meaning, the amount is so small as to do absolutely nothing beneficial to you or you hair. This goes with all of them. Even if you buy a dandruff shampoo, look at the ingredients: some have zero zinc pyrithione as the acitve ingredient while others will have 0.03% or 0.05% or even 1.0%.

Thus, always look at the label and see what the active ingredients are. Something gentle with a mild detergent works just fine. You hair will grow or not grow in response to your body. Don't be so vain.

My mother lost most of her hair due to chemo.

Buy a wig and live with it. Your friends won't care about your hair.


Wow how rude are you???? Buy a wig and live with it?? She was just asking fir some recomendations.


Seriously? Get some MANNERS.