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I have been using the product for seven years on my natural black hair. Started it when my hair was just pass my shoulders now it is near my waist.

My hair is very coarse and frizzy (4b). Just to clarify I only use their cleansing conditioner and I do not apply heat styling tools to my hair more than 4 times a year. I do not color treat my hair also. Honestly, I would not use the product when any products that contain harsh chemicals.

I have also been using it on my daughter's hair since she was 3 years old. Her hair is pass her shoulder blades. Please note, I do use the product as a deep conditioner and rinse with Applecider vinegar and warm water. Leaves hair less tangled and manageable (by the way my hair is always trying to lock).

I only use the "Pink Jasmine Peony" cleansing conditioner. Previously I used "Six Thirteen" cleansing conditioner which is also good. I do not use any of the other products in the line nor do I use combs and brushes.

All detangling is done by hand which my hair type prefers. Hope you find this helpful!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Pink Jasmine Peony Conditioner.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Wen Pros: Feel of my hair and manageability.

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Please don't use this on your precious daughter! My little girl had 100% hair loss from just a few uses.

You might get another bottle and then lose hair. It's not worth the risk because the damage may then be permanent.


I’ve been using Wen for years. It does not make your hair fall out!!