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Ok.I had thick, curly, past the shoulders hair. I work in a field where there is lots of younger competition and where looks are very important.

I seemed to hit a dead end as far as my hair length was concerned so i figured if i got some really good hair products, it would help get my hair longer. So i tried Wen starting late February '15. It was good for the first few months, but then i started having my detangler comb fill up when i ran it through in the shower. Like big clumps!

I just told myself "Well thats just the damaged follicles..they will be replaced by 'good hair' if i keep using my product just like the label says". Now, mind you, i dont wash my hair but every 3 days, because washing everyday is harmful for your hair. I faithfully followed the instructions, and after one year, my hair barley even reaches my shoulders and resembles a dry mass of dark brown fuzz. I paid good money for this *** and am sooo pissed.

Oh, and they send you soooooo freaking much product, then stop taking funds out of your checking account and then have the balls to tell you you are delinquent, so now they reported me to a collection agency... steer clear of Wen!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Wen Cons: Hair loss.

  • Wen Hair Loss
  • Wen Hair Destruction
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I have put two orders in for Wen Hair Products, but never received the products. I used my Credit Card.

When I called they said they had no information on my order, they could not find any order. What is going on with this Co?

I am not able to find this product on the market either? Can you help me?


I am outraged and shocked ! I have Lupus and thought that was why my hair was breaking and falling out.

I got wen in 2010 and stopped after experiencing hair loss. Only I was then diagnosed with Lupus in 2012, so I blamed the disease. I tried Keranique shampoo, and got a rash allover my scalp and ears, so I foolishly went back to wen this year.

Now I find out both shampoos are bad?! I am livid!