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I am not happy with WEN and will return it immediately. My hair was thin but not this was falling out int he shower, on my brush and in my hands.

Has anyone stopped using WEN and has your hair grown back or are we stuck with this thinness forever? if so, i will prepare a class action lawsuit against WEN. They cannot get away with this false advertising, What is the chemical in the product that is doing this to all of us....or is it a clogging that is making this all happen?

HELP! Thank you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I wrote about my hair loss in 2011, this product is the worst EVER!!!! My hair loss continued about 2 weeks after I stopped using WEN and my hair began growing back. Guthy Renker and Chaz Dean need to be sued, I contacted the FDA and the BBB, I hope some one starts a class action lawsuit on these people and Chaz Dean's hair falls out to!!!


Ummm everyone does realize that on average you lose 50-100 strands of hair a day right??? Everyone... I've used the product for 6you months now and my hair is so much healthier than before...


I am having the same problem with Wen. After using it for several months my hair starting coming out in clumps.

I was so worried I started counting the number of hairs I was with each shampoo. I lost an average with Wen after each shampoo. Today I whiched to another shampoo and lost 50. I am going to keep track for the next few months and see if it slows.

Does anyone have information on regrowth?

How long? Which products seemed to help?


I used Wen for about 3 months before noticing hair loss and thinning. The product seems to have a chemical smell to it that is not covered by the fragrance.

My hair began to feel like straw when wet and felt like a harsh coating was on it. It was more difficult to comb and felt horrible. I have stopped using it and would like my money back. I do not have any packaging but will contact QVC about it.

Product may be good for some but not all. This should be better addressed by the company so consumers are made aware before they loss their hair.


I, too, have experienced massive hair loss after using WEN for 4 months. I posted my own experience today on this website.

I have notified the FDA and hope that action is soon taken against WEN . .at least a Consumer Alert so people are aware of the devastating hair loss caused by this product. I bought from QVC and read the User Comments on their website just today. It's obvious that this has been a known problem for at least 3 years and wish I'd read these comments before I ordered.

I'm disappointed that QVC continues to sell such an inferior product, with no mention of hair loss. I, too, am 'freaking out' at the hair loss and bald spot that I have on my crown. I stopped using WEN in September and the hair loss has not decreased. Please contact the FDA if you've experienced hair loss from WEN.

Please post your experiences, especially if you've had hair loss from WEN and have found a corrective treatment that has worked for you and your hair has recovered and grown/filled in.

I'm desperately seeking answers/remedies. Thank You.


cotact the fda at 1-800-332-1088, they won't know about the hair loss using this product if you don't do any thing about it!!! please voice your hair loss problems, I contacted the FDA and they are investigating my complaint and contact your BBB, they will keep selling this stuff unless we take a stand!!!


I started using wen about 3 weeks ago, I have fine thin hair, I loved it at first, I noticed about a week ago that my hair feels like I bleached it. it is brittle and this morning when I was coming the wen through my hair it was coming out from the root.

I lost a hand full of hair. I am not anemic and already take vitamins that are beneficial for hair. I washed my hair with regular shampoo the other day because my was very greasy, I couldn't even brush it. I have worked in salons for years and the only time my hair was like this was when I was bleaching and perming it.

No one can afford to loose hair, but mine was already thin.

I hope others see this before ordering this product. :cry :cry


Geese too many people are having the hair loss when using wen, I am losing my hair right now as I write this I can't sleep because I am freaking out so just because you were lucky don't try to belittle those of us who weren't.


WOW! I had been contemplating using Wen products but the cost was so high that I have been waffling.

I'm glad I didn't buy it. I wondered how well it would work on hair over time. I thought it might be greasy but hair falling out? OUCH!

You are the 5th or 6th compliant that stated they loss hair. Thanks for posting.


I had the same hair loss experience with WEN. I was using it for approximately 8 months and then I had excessive hair loss and even a slight bald spot.

I went to the doctor/dermatologist and had blood tests done. Everything came back negative.

I believe it was the WEN. This product needs to be investigated.


I LOVE my Wen product. No hair loss here, and I have to eat more protein in my diet than a normal person so that my hair doesnt fall out.

So if my hair doesnt fall out from this, then i say its from something else. Just sayin'


Retract my last suggestion that it could be due iron deficiency. Although it is true anemia can cause you hair to fall out...

after reading all of the reviews, I believe this product to be the culprit. You should report them to the BBB... stop using the product.

I use a vitamin called Gro...see if you can get this at a hair salon, and try using Pantene for awhile. Pantene, although found in every store is a really good product!


You could be suffering from iron deficiency. My hair was falling out in the shower when I was anemic. Check with your dr.


Uhm your hair loss is probably from something else outside of the Wen product. Maybe u have alopecia.

U should go see a dermatologist.