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I purchased the Wen product and enjoyed how soft my hair felt. After a couple of uses I started noticing some hair loss in the shower.

This was unusual for me to loss hair so I started paying careful attention. As weeks passed the hair loss increased. At this point, I was growing concern about my health and did not think it could be the new hair cleanser I was fond of. Before the next shipment of Wen was to be sent out, I had called to cancel because I still had more than 2 bottles left.

The Wen rep questioned me as to the reason why. I explained that I had plenty left and was using less than the recommended amount. I shared with her how much I loved how soft my hair felt but I started losing hair. She questioned me if I had seek medical attention because of ​the hair loss​.

She immediately canceled my order ​&​ offered full reimbursed. This is when I realized something was wrong with this product. I stopped using the product and ​disposed of the​ remaining​ product​s​ I ha​d left. ​ But month passed by and I continued to loss hair.

I was distressed because my beautiful long hair had thinned out. I was self conscious that my scalp was noticeable, I decided to cut my long hair short, back to what I had told myself I would never do again.

I started taking vitamins and using natural ingredients to help my hair growth. I am still working ​on growing my hair and hoping that ​it grow back to what it was before Wen came into my life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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