I am still waiting over a week for a twenty four hour notice via email that my account was closed.I have had to cancel my credit card and flag Guthrie Renker on my account to protect myself from them trying to reorder product and charge me without my permission.

I am so disgusted and surprised about how this ponzie scheme works. I would never recommend doing business with these people. You will never have a legitimate person to speak with. When I asked to speak to a manager they hung up on me!

Don't do it!I am still searching for a way to speak to a legit person.

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I recently purchased one WEN kit (#39.95), or so I thought.Wen's customer service is a joke.

When I first ordered the kit I specifically ordered only a 30 day supply. Once I gave the rep. all my info. the rep.

didn't tell me I would receive an email confirmation within 24 hours with my order info. Worried that the order didn't go through, I called the next day, but a different rep. told me that the order wasn't processed st the second rep. made another order.

Wala! Two days later I had two e-mail confirmations each for a 90 day supply (which was not what I ordered) that costed $120 each with two different account #s. I called various times to fix the mix up and no one could help me. When I finally contacted someone that was supposed to "help" me he ended up doing nothing.

The additional charge was still on my credit card. I then tried contacting them again and all of a sudden the calls I would make from my cel. wouldn't go through. So I called from my husbands cel.

and low and behold the phone call went through and when I talked to the rep. he said that he was going to fix the problem and that duplicated orders were often done by inexperienced reps and happened recurrently. He did cancel one of the charges on my card and canceled the additional account. This dilemma took almost a month to resolve.

I ended up receiving two packages. I had to return one back which was inconvenient because I had to go out of my way to return an...

I will never purchase anything from WEN or Guthrie Renker ever again. And by the way, the product is a peace of junk. It left my hair greasy and stinky as thought I had never washed it. And you have to use so much cleansing cream that it won't even last you a month.

So for the price and the results, the product is to mega expensive.

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #768879

Consider yourself lucky you used a credit card and not a debit card like some people do. At least you can dispute the charge, etc. With a debit card, the money would already be gone, gone, gone.

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