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To begin let me say that upon first using Wen hair care I was in love! My hair felt and looked absoltely amazing.

I felt like a model over the holidays. I received it for Christmas, used it that day and didn't even need to wash for several days. My hair is blonde, fine and long(below shoulders). Now fast forward to three days later.....I was sooo excited to go out with my new do.

I went through the entire process, as I did the first time, leaving the directions outside my shower so I could make sure to do it properly. The only difference was this time I blew dry my hair. According to directions it was fine to blow dry as long as you moved vigorously through hair which I, of course, did and always do. This time however it severely broke my hair off on top.

I had long layers but now have short bangs with chunks of hair all over that have been fried. I called Wen hair care and they said that I should have left a leave in conditioner in my hair. Well I read the directions many times and nowhere did it mention this(maybe it does in other articles but not the one included in my packet....followed everything to a T). I am writing this because it has affected my self-esteem, as of late.

If I can save just one girl from feeling like I do at this very moment then I will feel sooo much better. I do believe that they should state that hair should NOT be blowdried when using this product(or perhaps certain types of hair) because mine was beautiful, turned gorgeous(upon first try with Wen) and now is the one thing I dislike about myself:( I gave it another try just didn't blow dry and my hair is lifeless and does nothing....I guess the old adage is true...."if it seems to good to be true....it probably is"....lesson learned!!!I truly wish I had never heard of Wen since I put it on my Christmas list....wasn't Santa's fault but wish he hadn't of given me what I wanted at the time.....no more infomercials for me.

Hope this helps someone make a decision.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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Your story sounds like mine... Got it as xmas gift loved the first wash but soon after my hair was falling out breaking high up and has never been the same!!!


I'm so sorry....I know it can be devastating!!! It will grow back quickly I pray.

I found Shea moisture( available at Target) and it has been amazing for my hair. I use the castor oil which may be helpful for you as it helps hair grow. Google or check castor oil out on pinterest. Wen paid for me to get extensions.

You could call and try.

There is also a class action law suit against them. I am unsure of how to go about getting involved myself though.


The same thing happened to me!! I'm beyond devastated and at a total loss on what to do.

My hair on the sides and top of my head are only 1-2 inches long, not even enough to make a bang! The rest of it is broken, uneven, dry and like straw. The salon won't even color the gray roots coming in because they are afraid it will fall/break even more but I'm only 40 yrs. old.

How do I walk around like this???

i have had to cut the rest of my hair to my shoulders! Very depressed!!


This is awful and I understand feeling so horribly about how you look and feel. Wen actually paid for me to get hair extensions.

I just wrote this to a girl who commented a bit ago but wanted to tell you as well. Google or check out on Pinterest Castor oil. I have been using a line called Shea moisture( I purchased at Target). The ingredients are amazing( I am crazy about chemicals, etc.).

I bought the shampoo and conditioner with castor oil in it. My hair has never felt better. In time your hair will grow out and be beautiful again!! I'm sorry this happened to you as well!

When this happened to me I told them( their lawyers actually)they needed to revamp their product for those of us with thin, fine hair as it was clearly not working as intended. They sent me my money for hair extensions and never answered me again. I wanted them to be responsible and make a change. There is a class action lawsuit against them now.

Best of luck to you. I'm so sorry!!!!


I also had horrible results from the Wen hair care products. It was so bad that my hair dresser cried when she saw the damage it had caused after only 24 days of use.

There is a class action lawsuit against the company and it is still active so it isn't too late to join in the lawsuit. You can find the information on http://topclassactions.com/

I hope I help at least one person who is as angry as I am!


Yeah, I have heard it isn't very good for your hair. I have hair growing back from chemo, and it is already frizzy from that, so using what you did would probably make me bald headed again.


Never had the these issues. Been using the product for over a year.


Used wen off and on for a few months and hair is breaking off terribly - do not suggest this product - makes hair break off - never have had any issues with hair breakage.


I ordered this and was using it for about 3 weeks. I have thin, fine dirty blonde hair, which is also very curly.

Well at first I loved wen my hair was so easy to brush and had no tangles. I used a half pump as a leave in. Well I have always dried my hair to style it and when I did it curly it looked great. I straightened my hair on day 10 and I almost screamed!

The ends of my hair are dry and split. (I straighten my hair once a week) so I cut all the dry frizzy off, which was about 2 inches. I was just assuming maybe it's been awhile since I last trimmed my hair. So, i Kept using wen and then today I straightened my hair again.

Now my wen bottles are coming out of the shower because I will have to cut off another 2-3 inches. I don't think it works well for fine or thin hair.


Me and my mom both started using the wen products a few months ago. At first we were overjoyed with how great our hair felt and how shiny it was.

Then I noticed that my hair was tangling really bad, and just looked "weird". Well I go to the salon and the stylist tells me I have a ton of buildup on my hair and she even told me to try not to brush it but once a day since it was so weak and damaged. But I kept using the wen because I hoped it was going to work. Nope.

My hair is now broken nasty matted straw.

This may sound shallow but it makes me want to cry when I look at it. I HATE this hair care system.


Used wen lavender, orange blossom and almond. Was great at first then my hair started to dry out!!!

Called the hotline , and was told the lavender was for cancer patients???!! Going through hair loss due to chemo????

Are u kidding me??? Never buy this!!


Ive been using Wen and my scalp itches face breaks out and hair is way worse than before. Never using Wen again.

Made my hair break and color fade in a week. Best way to fix Wen damage is keratin treatment at a salon


I just bought WEN today and used it as soon as I got home. I let it air dry and when it did I almost screamed.

My hair was DRY AND FRIZZY. I looked like the before picture. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Product. The store I bought it from doesn't refund, so I hoping and praying that WEN gives me a FULL refund without any hassle.

PLEASE do not use WEN. Instead save your money and buy 4.99 tresemee instead.


I have relaxed thin hair and after blow drying the same thing happened to me. My hair is broken all over and fried...

Feels like straw! Awful stuff!

sadly I have to make an appointment for a hair weave as my hair is completely destroyed!! : (


I was thinking about using wen. Don't think so anymore.

Thanks for posting this!

Every blonde knows that not every shampoo is usable! Ill pass on straw like hair :-).


Agreed. I also used a blow dryer and my hair is straw.

Horrible product. :(


Used this twice and my hair looks like straw! I have had a rash on my neck and my neck and and scalp are itchy...... I blow dry my hair and it is now frizzy... especially with that "spray moisturizer" that is suppose to "nourish" your hair ... spray it on each day.... no.....it is the pits! Got the "starter kit".... going to go back to my other shampoo and hope that the itch and rash goes away....thanks for your post.


I do believe that the bottle says for Medium to Thick hair, preferably curly or coarse. My hair has been fantastic since I began use!


I have auburn hair with some gray. My hair is fine and has some curl. It's textured and, thank heavens, I have a lot of it!

I used when and my hair started falling out and breaking. It took a year for my hair to begin to grow back out again.

I went from beautiful long locks, to layers of broken fin witchy hair.

It will be two years before my hair is back t where it was when i started using Wen. The damage was real and it was long term.

Now, i don't use shampoo and only use a conditioner without protein 1x a week and i rinse with cold water.

I use a boars hair brush and avoid over-styling. I do blow dry, but try to avoid all heat tools.

I hope this posting helps someone.

Thank you for making this post available.


who the *** would blow dry their hair vigorously? especially when it's bleached...it does say use as a leave in conditioner but you don't have to, it says *you may use a dime size amount to leave in your hair* but i don't think you have to...rough handling+bleached hair= damage. wen has no sulfates so it doesn't damage your hair at all...take it from someone who has natural hair, i finally gotten my curls back after straightening it for months...