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I am well past menopause and I don't have dermatology issues.  I've been a faithful WEN girl (using only WEN products) for 3 straight years.  My hair was doing great, was growing, looked and felt soft, thick and managable.  All of a sudden, my hair was coming out in globs everytime I cleansed.  I do not have bald spots, just major hair (about a shot glass full) when I cleanse.  I use a number of the different WEN products that I buy from QVC.  613, Bamboo Green Teas, Tea Tree, Sweet Almond Mint and the Lavendar.  I use the hair oils, treatment mists, styling cream and volumizing spray (which majorly dries out my hair if used as a light hair spray) and I DO NOT use any heat except my blow dryer with the nozzle at a low heat setting.  I have invested so much money in the WEN products, that it looks like I have Wen products salon retail shelves set up.  I wish I could just get my money back on all of these products and go my merry way.  It never dawned on me that my hair loss was due to the WEN products until my sister told me that people were complaining online.  I am a retired hairdresser.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wen Pros: I liked, But after long term use.

Wen Cons: Hair loss after long-term use.

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Same for me. I used Wen for about 5 years and my hair was never better.

I loved it! Then I started to lose hair, and had to clear the shower drain twice every time I washed my hair. I stopped using it about a year ago, but my hair is so thin now you can see through it. It's heartbreaking.

I've tried many other expensive shampoos and treatments since but my hair is still thin and falling out. To those commenters who say they have no problems with Wen, just wait.