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I'm having the same thing going on with my hair thought it was meds I been asking my doctors and they told me it's not my meds my mom uses the wen shampoo and I loved it so I bought 4 bottles and I gave her one and I started to notice my hair falling out by the handfuls my hair started getting thinner and thinner I would cry in the shower I sit here and watch my hair fall on me all day

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: You guys have ruined my life I loved my hair and now my hair if nothing I sit here and my hair is falling out and I cry every day and I had long hair and because of you I don't .

Wen Cons: Hair falling out.

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Please contact the team here: with the information provided to us in your post so that they can assist. Of course, if you have concerns about your use of the product, we encourage you to stop using it for the time being so that we can make sure your questions or concerns are addressed.

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i've sent wen messages and I haven't heard anything from them they know they have done people wrong my hair is still falling out and it's getting thinner and thinner every day and I'm 41 and I really don't want to be bald because of theses people putting out this bad stuff I'm taking vitamins to help stop but it seems like it's not working and washing my hair with it to with biotin in it I'm still crying every day because of me losing my hair