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First I wanted to delay the shipment so called the customer service. Then instead of delaying it, they canceled my account.

Fine. Going forward few months, it's time to buy some more so I went to the website and find out that I cannot place an order because my account is canceled. I called the customer service to reactivate my account. At this time, I CONFIRMED that they don't have any automatic shipment in place.

Good, I was looking to buy some other fragrance so was going to set it up so. Few days later, I was charged $49.94 on my card. The customer service said the automatic shipment was made. Then I will be charged same amount again in the next 2 months!

The kit included some stuff that I will never use. But fine, they gave me a $24 discount so I will keep them (I'm sure eventually I will use them up). In the meantime, I wanted to order other fragrance, so I thought I will get the trial kit for $79.95. I confirmed that charge is $79.95 and got the confirmation Email directly from WEN.

Now few days later, I see $89.94 is charged on my card! Called WEN, they said they have no record of that charge on my account that the only way is to go through my credit card company to file a dispute. So I quoted the order # of the product, then they said the extra $9.99 was shipping charge. Please, if you need to charge shipping, you should be stating so at the checkout and send me a correct confirmation email.

Both at the time of check out and confirmation email says shipping is FREE that the total is $79.95. Having all these issue with customer service, I am skeptical of buying anything from this company even the product is legitimate. Do not want to do business with a company with shady practice.

As soon as I get my shipment, I am going to cancel my account. Hopefully at that point, they won't give me any further headache.

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