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I agree with this review. I'm a hair stylist. WEN is a great product if used correctly. I wash my hair every 3 days (sometimes more if I am going somewhere important). NEVER have I had a problem with hair falling out in chunks. To enlighten: Everyone loses hair daily (about 100 strands). No matter what type of shampoo, hair comes off when shampooing. I've used every expensive name brand shampoo. Always has had come loose when shampooing. After using WEN, there is noticeably less hair loss and the hair is in much better condition. I could never grow my hair before, but when using WEN, it grows like a ***! I'm 53, and as you get older you will notice hair thinning. Now that I use WEN, my hair is in better condition than when I was 20. Before WEN, when shampooing, gobs of hair would be left in the shower mesh.

Many of my clients use WEN, and not 1 complaint! I would love to use it in the salon, but it is pricey. Usually around Christmas, I buy samples and give them away to my clients. Have converted a many of client to WEN.

When washing my hair, I only use the amount needed to saturate the hair. If you have a lot of hair product in your hair (such as hairspray, root booster, mousse), then take a small amount of WEN and work it through the hair ONLY on the first application before using all over the head, not the scalp. After placing the shampoo on my head, I add a bit of water so that it can easily be worked into the hair. Gently, massage the scalp. When washing, do not ball up your hair on top of your head; this causes hair to fall out. Just work it thru after massaging the scalp. One important thing to note: when massaging the scalp do not using fingernails. This will nick the scalp and cause scabbing no matter which shampoo used. Use the pads of the fingertips. Once a week, I use a deep conditioner (*not WEN).

Everyone is different. Hair loss can be caused by a number of reasons. Poor diet, medications, sun exposure, using a brush on wet hair, and bleaching/dying of hair are common reasons for hair fallout.

I also recommend a daily dosage of Biotin. I use 5000 mcg per day. Natrol makes a 'fast dissolve' tablet flavored in Strawberry. Dissolves in your mouth, and taste good too! I purchase mine at Amazon on auto ship every 2 months for about $5.

When brushing your hair, brush GENTLY. Start at the ends where the tangles are, and then from top to bottom. Do this also before shampooing. NEVER, NEVER, use a brush on wet hair. A wide tooth comb is best on wet hair. Use an oil product when going to the beach (I like coconut oil).

As I said before, everyone has different types and texture of hair. I think if you take proper care of yourself and your hair, WEN is a great product to use. Hope this has been helpful, and helps keep your locks shiny and strong!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I agree with the hair stylist it is an Awesome product my hair didnt start growing like it use to and now after 2 yrs of using WEN my hair is soft with hardwater which my hair does not like my parents have soft water and it Really makes it better but if it does what it has for my hair no complaint here and i don't order every month only when i need to.