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Wen makes my hair extremely greasy after a couple uses. If I use other shampoo/conditioner for a few days and then use when twice a week, it seems fine, but to use Wen for everyday use, my hair looks like it hasn't been washed in days.

Even a coworker asked if I was even washing my hair. Not good!

Also, this same person ran her fingers through my hair, and although she said it was soft, she noticed her fingers were oily and smelled like grease. I like to use it one or two times a week because it will make it shiny and it has a mentholatum feel on your scalp, but I cannot use it everyday or I would look like a grease monkey.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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Quaker State 20/50 is $4.85 a quart....lol


My girlfriend had me purchase Wen products for her to try out. She used the products and I have some great news to report.

If you stroll down to a local auto parts store you can purchase the same product a lot cheaper. Whether it's 10W/40 or a thicker motor oil like 20/50..the results are the same.

My girlfriend asks, "How does my hair look?" To which I replied, "Like you shampoo'ed it with motor oil!"

You can get coupons for discounts on quality motor oil so save your money people.


My mother uses Wen every single day. She has thick, insanely curly hair, almost like you got an amazing perm.

((Her hair is like that naturally)) Hers is about shoulder length. Her hair looks fabulous. She doesn't need to style it at all, and she looks as though she has just walked from a salon. Her hair is softer, fuller, and no frizz.

But now when I used it, well different story.

My hair is very thick, and wavy, and reaches just below my ***. I dye it, and it is a bit dry, and damaged, so she pressed me to use Wen. I saw how great it left her hair and decided to try it.

My hair looked shiny and great, but it felt so greasy it was almost slimy to me, as were my hands. Mom felt my hair and told me I was crazy it was just insanely soft.

Used it again, and my hair still felt greasy, and also puffed up BADLY.

It was so frizzy it looked like you rubbed a balloon all over my head. :/

She swears by the product, but I absolutely HATE it. It did nothing good for my hair. The only downside on my mother's end is the sales people.

They gave her a ton of ***, after she cancelled her orders and put them on hold they STILL charged her card over and over. They gave her the runaround for MONTHS.


I have thick hair and I have to wash it everyday or it will get greasy. I thought Wen would help me because I would not be using shampoo everyday so it would be healthier, but it made it greasier. Am I using it the wrong way or is it just my hair?


I'm so glad I did more research on it. Thank you all for saving me the money and my hair.


El shampoo wen es horrible es muy costoso y sus resultados son desastrosos

I hide Wen products


I used Wen one time at my friends house. she said Wen definitely helped her and for me to try it out.

i used it and immediately after taki.g the shower my hair felt greasy, my hair felt like it hadnt been washed in days or even weeks. the ends of my hair felt like they were split and severely damaged.

I am confused why my hair ended up horribly and hers is slowly getting better and less damaged. I am unbelievably angry because my hair was perfectly fine before using Wen and now I have to get 2 inches of my hair cut so part of the damage is gone.


I'm a hairstylist and like all of you I have curly oily and color treated hair. What you need for your hair is what all of you are doing use regular shampoo and conitioner and a leave in conditioner.

While jojoba oil is good it's not for everyone alot of people need to moisturize their hair. If you have dry damaged hair you've got to condition like crazy and use a leave in conditioner to protect your hair.



Just broke down and purchased wen. I guess i should have read up on it more, but i just fell into the scheme of advertising again!

I really don't like it at?? It makes my hair EXTREMELY greasy for DAYS even after washing my hair with regular shampoo? I had to wash it out several times over and over to just get rid of the flat, greasy, dull look? Im very disappointed!

I will not be ordering again! Secondly, they call it a 30 day supply but tell you to use up to 24 pumps in one sitting? that would last less than 2 weeks if properly used according to directions?

Disappointed! glad i only opted for the 30 days supply!


Just joining in to say thanks for letting me know it is not just me finding my hair getting greasy. My hair is dry and damages so I will keep using this on the ends.

AND it is good to use after dying hair.

I definitely have more volume and lift even when I use an alternate shampoo. I will keep using it, but can't use it all the time.


I have very thick hair with some waves. My hair is usually dry, so I figured the Wen would be nice & moisturizing.

My experience has been the same as most of you who've posted. If I use it only for one day a week, it's okay, but I have to use regular shampoo the day after using Wen because it makes my hair limp, heavy, & greasy.

I'm very disappointed in this product & feel like the commercial is false advertising. How can the actresses in the commercial rave about it so much when it turns you into a greasy mess?


I have tried Wen several times off and on and always have the same result. Has anyone else had this experience?

--- It works great for about two days of "cleansings", my hair feel soft, repaired, it dries faster, has nice volume and shine. THEN on day three, my hair flattens, is fairly greasy, and my scalp smells slightly dirty and I can't wait to get home and wash it (with shampoo)! Wen's first ingredient is alcohol, so I assume the acohol acts as an astringent to cleanse the scalp while not stripping the hair. But, I noticed that when I have Wen in my hands, it is slightly oily and repells water (like Crisco shortening), so I can see why several days of use makes my hair greasy.

If I go back to shampooing for a day or two, then alternate back to Wen, it works OK. BUT here's what I've found, I GET THE SAME RESULTS if I shampoo with regular shampoo say every three days and use regular conditioner, then on the in between days just rinse my hair in the shower and use my regular conditioner only to "cleanse" my hair and freshen it, and it's ALOT less expensive.


I feel like a *** buying this stuff. I bought the *** gallon size on QVC in June '11 for $160!!!

My hair is so greasy! I agree with other posters that if I use regular shampoo in between using Wen it's fine but using it daily, my hair is flat and very greasy and heavy feeling. I have used the correct amount, rinsed it per the directions.

I don't get why it does this! :(


I will buy that from you if you still have it! :-)

speckledove @ yahoo . com


I'd been watching presentations on WEN for a few years and finally decided to try it, as it seems everyone on QVC, including models, just love it. Well..I've had the product about a week now (using Lavender but also received almond and pomegranate in same order).

I am very disappointed so far. My hair is blond color treated and a shoulder length ***. It is fine to medium texture, thick (really pretty nice hair), but is extremely straight and does not hold a curl well (humidity really flattens it). After the first use (applied and rinsed very well 2 times), I noticed that my hair combed out really well...no tangles at all.

However, as others have stated, looks pretty greasy and seems limp on the second day. I have never been one to wash hair every day (2-3 time a week is my usual), so this is disappointing. Second time I washed, the result was even worse. I'm really upset.

I will continue to use it but I predict I will need to send it back by end of January (QVC's holiday deadline). I can really relate to other reviewers.

NOT for fine or flat hair (and mine is THICK). YIKES.


I'm so upset my hair is so greasy looking the first day I used it I loved it my hair was so soft and shiny but now I'm going to work looking like a big grease ball and I'm a hairdresser why should I have to wash my hair at work when I just did at home? Doesn't make any sense to me! I'm so pissed off


i have really thick hispanic hair (not mexican straight) and i color it and in the winter straighten it alot, not in the summer cuz its too hot and i shower everyday not every other like winter. With that being said, wen made my hair so soft and manegable BUT the next day my hair is soo oily its so gross!

Also they ask you to use to many pumps(about 20 for my hair) i did a little research and the said if you use more it shouldne be so greasy at first i thaught "yeah right im not using more" but i eventually gave in and tried it, its the same thing, so i cut my use to 10 . still greasy..idk what to do at this point i think the only think imma buy from amazon is just the re moist mask as a treatment bcuz the conditioner isnt cleaning my hair right


Save you money, you don't need to spend all your money to have great hair. My secret weapon is 100% JOJOBA OIL.

Wash with any gentle shampoo and towel dry excess water, then apply the Jojoba oil over your scalp and hair.

Leaves your hair shiny and dries without feeling greasy. It's also great to put on your skin before shaving.


I have now used wen 3x and my hair looks greasy and unwashed. I think I am going to send it back this is gross.