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I"ve been having hair loss like crazy, it falls out in the shower, in the sink, when I style my hair. There's hair all over the house!

I also been having fits wondering why it was that my hair felt like straw and it also has become frizzy, spliting all over my head in many diffrent lengths. My hair was, and I say was just about down to my waist until this morning when I decided I couldnt take not even being able to get a brush through about six inches of my hair anymore because it is FRIED!!! I have been using Wen for about 3 months. I was lead to believe this was great stuff and it would make my hait=r more manageable and soft.

That isnt the case!!!! My hair is ruened, detroyed and I'm totally devistated beyond words!! I followed all directions! I used the moisturizing Mask and like I was lead to believe , if you left it in over night, the longer the better youre hair would be.

WRONG!!! I come on my PC ,just wondered if there were any complaints about this product.

I thought I was having Thyroid problems and like others, My TSH was FINE!! I'm going to talk to a Lawyer!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I am in my 50s and have fine thinning hair. Of course i purchased WEN thinking this was the answer to my prayers and that it would make a positive difference.

I liked the way my hair turned out at first but after using it a little while, i noticed clumps of hair in the drain EVERY DAY clogging my tub. I couldn't afford to lose any more hair... stopped using it and after several months it gradually grew back.

I went back to my old shampoo & hair products by Nioxin for fine thinning hair. Don't know what is in WEN that would cause this, but you couldn't pay me to use it again!


Yeah, we thought that the product was great too. My daughters and my mom used this over the course of several months and at first they were loving their hair and recommending it to me to used it and I declined.

They all had long thick hair and now they both look like chemo patients. They hair has been breaking off and falling out! We are african Americans and they have no relaxers in their hair (natural). They did not know what was causing the problem until I just happen to find a YouTube video of people complaining about the same thing and they have stopped using this garbage!

I had to cut my child long hair off because it was just strings. Also you have to be weary of products claiming to be natural because they have to add something to make it spoil proof! I think they are adding lye which straightens and smooths the hair but with normal use it will break off.

And if you are raving about how great this product is now, give it a couple of month (miss thyroid and blood test) and your hair will be M.I.A! Trust Me!

No shampoo or conditioner should have anybody hair falling out!


Wow! I have been using Wen for a couple of years now and generally like it, but agree that it is unfortunate that you need to use so much of the product to get the desired results.

What concerns me is that I have been loosing hair like crazy. Thought I was just starting to age as I am in my 30's. Now I read that other people lost hair due to Wen? Does anyone know why this is?

I will def have to research this.

Scary. If true I am so cancelling my account with Wen.


#1: I do not work for Wen

#2: Wen has worked miracles on my coarse, curly, very dry hair

#3: Why can't people SPELL correctly anymore? This is disturbing to me!

#4: Hair loss can be caused by a gazillion different things...go see a doctor and have some blood labs drawn. Start taking a multi-vitamin and some extra Biotin. Obviously, your diet is very poor, to lose that much hair.'


I have been using N since June & at first I

loved it.. I ordered it from QVC- best prices- etc..GREAT customer service..

I have started to notice a tingly & or tight

scalp feeling after using it the last few times.

I tried different 'flavors' & had the tingling- hours AFTER cleansing

I just cancelled ALL of my auto deliveries

of WEN...

Personally- I think you have to shampoo

the scalp or the oils build up & I have

been using shampoo with thid every 3rd time..

Aveeda products have been highly recommended



I use Wen off and on - I have thin, fine and color treated hair. I say off and on because after 10 days or so, I need to use a clarifying shampoo.

My roomie loves Wen...she says it stopped her very dry frizzy aging dark curly hair from falling out!

If any product gives one a negative reaction, well then, stop using the product!

As for not getting tangled in contracts: Wen is also sold on QVC. Their customer service is fantastic. If you don't like a product let alone have a reaction to it, you can mail it back and get refunded. I've sent things back before and was refunded within two weeks.


I absolutely agree! I used WEN products for something like 8 months.

The hair did not start to come out until maybe 2 - 3 months, but I do remember before the hair came out I used to feel a tinglling sensation on the crown of my head (thought it was the menthol). I didn't think it was the WEN prroducts since I have been using for a few months. I even went to two doctors and had blood work done for my thyroid and everything came back fine and the doctors said it was stress.

I finally linked the two and then decided to google it, I couldn't believe the amount of people who have experienced the same hair loss from WEN. I have stopped using the products and plan on contacting the FDA & BBB as well as WEN's website.


Just as guthy renka gets on here and comments on peoples statements, I think people who work for wen does also, why don't you go to the I love wen facebook page they delete all negative comments so all you see is good, if you read on people, this worked well for some in the beginning , now their hair is falling out!


My thing is, how can you complain of a product damaging your hair and continue you to use it. Seriously you didn't quit using it if you saw it stressing your hair, whichI seriously doubt but instead you said wth and thought your hair would miraculously get better-your at fault.

If you already had beautiful shiny hair then why would you need Wen in the first place-again, your fault. How can you say problems are from Wen because they may have been in the process of happening already-you are looking for a way out and blame someone. I have used Wen for almost 3 years now and unfortunately financially can't affort to keep going, which is sad because my hair has already turned a terrible mess in the week since I last used it.

Results have a lot to do with the rinsing-can't stress enough on how important that step is. Love the product and as soon as I canI will get back with the program.


so if the product is making your hair frizzy and causing it to fall out then why did you continue to use it for months? every body is different and what works for one may not work for another.

If you used a product that didn't work for you and then continued to use it for 3 or 6 months isn't that your fault? Proactive makes me break out so i tried something else. it's common sense. All adds i have seen for wen all say pretty clearly and not in fine print that they will send 90 day supplies after 30 days and charge u monthly.

I don't think they are trying to rip people off by any means. I think it is the purchasers fault.

who gives out their credit card number with out getting details? take responsibility for your own actions, stop blaming others for your lack of common sense.


I am so shocked that so many people are having so much trouble with wen. I have six daughters and so 7 people in my house use it and we have all had excellent results.

Two of us have very dry hair at the end and we use the cucumber aloe, but everyone else uses the lavender. I fight the ever wonderful thinning that comes with age and hormone change and wen turned that around for me. I also color my hair and since I started using wen I don't have to pull the color through anymore, it stays vibrant so I just color the regrowth every 4 to 6 weeks. My daughters are all under 23 with pretty normal hair and they have really good luck with Wen.

I understand though, that some products are not for everyone. I hope everyone here can find something good that works for each of you. I agree healthy hair is VERY important.

I love Wen and order most of mine off ebay so that I am not locked into a contract which does stink, and is very unfavorable! All in all though, I have to say, I love my Wen!!!


Sorry next time,I need to proof read!!!


Everything you say I have had the same problem, I contracted the FDA and the BBB , let them know, I also talked to a lawyer, he said if it is not permanent ther, bute is not a lot to do


oh yeah about the thyroid thing, hair loss is most prominent when the free t4 and free t3 are bad not TSH. TSH can be fine. most docs dont even check the free radicals t4 and t3 youll probable have to ask


my hair fell out all the time too, come to find out my thyroid is all out of wack. i started the wen system and love it and my hair is not falling out anymore because of the thyroid meds no complaints here


I just logged on to see if anyone else was having problems w/ their hair after using Wen. I used to have silky soft, long, shiny hair.

Now I have broken off, dull, frizzy horrible hair! I am devastated! I've been using Wen for about 6 months and no *** I now have hair above my shoulders, it's a wispy see-thru frizzy, dull mess! Please don't be fooled as I was into thinking this product is a miracle waiting for your hair.

It totally ruined my hair :( I'm so so bummed. It's pretty amazing how much hair does for a person. I hardly wanna leave my house!

But I'm not a freak so of course I go on w/ life in a normal fashion...I just wear a lot of hats now. I hate this *** product!


Hey this is weird. I have used Wen for a long time, but loved it at first.

It seemed to make hair stronger and shiny. Then in the last five months, it has been falling out and breaking like crazy. Not sure if it is the Wen product though. Do you take medications?

If so, review those. I think my breakage is due to a new medication I started taking. I had long beautiful curly hair too, but had to cut about 5 inches off the other day due to thinning of my hair also. Again, I think my case may be medication or even smoking cigarettes.

I started smoking 6 mnths ago and saw that they could have something to do with hair thinning too!!

I am in tears with you though. I totally understand what it feels like to lose long beautiful hair!!!


Hi Catnip1234,

If you are unsatisfied with the product you can return it for a full refund, within 60 days. Please contact us at for more details.

Many Thanks.


I have to agree with So sad, except not as harshly. Your best bet is to get a stylist you can trust and buy salon products.

My stylist uses amazing stuff in my hair when I see her. Because I have already seen the results and have liked them, I will buy the product at about the same price as something like Wen, but I will have peace of mind that it actually does what I want it to do.


Only suckers by the cheap cr@p you see on late night infomercials or QVC. Just pick your hair up from the shower flower and glue it back in with crazy glue. Expect the worst when you buy cr@p products.