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I started using Wen aproximatly 9 months ago. I was looking for something that would help with the tangles in my hair as it was down to my rear and was getting hard to manage.

I have notices that my hair is falling out way more then the average hair in the brush. I am finding my hair every were and not just one or two, I have also been having severe headaches which I am starting to think is your product fault. Also it is just good practice to send a reciept when you charge someone 134.84 from there card so they know they have taken your money. The shipping is ridiculous, to ups, to the post office, back to ups.

This has been a problem since I started using this product in more ways then one but I just now find out that many other woman are loosing there hair also.

Hey Wen it would have been great if you had of closed up shop till you found out what the problem was.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

Reason of review: hair loss, headaches, billing, shipping.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Wen Cons: Deceptive marketing practices.

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Update...This company was given the opportunity to talk to me several times. I told them several times, however that they could communicate with me via email because I have a lung condition which makes it hard to hold phone conversations. They are pushy, disrespectful and unconcerned about my hair loss and headaches caused by their products or they would have sent an email to further their knowledge of the situation.

All transactions from Wen have been blocked by my bank and legal actions will presume.


They are going to contact you now that you have a lawyer! Too funny Wen!


Hello, Our team would like to hear more about your experience. If you could please contact us here http://bit.ly/1EJQtOL with the details you’ve provided above, someone from our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team will be in touch shortly to assist.

Thank you. -Marysa, WEN Customer Care


Maybe if this is true attempt at helping you should leave a link that does not take me to a page of junk that is not wen. This did not have a place to put details it didn't go to a page.

What could you possible do for me cant fix my hair. Cant get rid of my headaches.

A possible refund but personally that's not going to grow my hair back either. So Marysa, if you indeed did intend on helping me give me the proper link so that I may leave the details of what your product did to me.


I do not know what the issue with this link was but it finally pulled up the proper page. I filled it out thanks


Marysa, maybe if you left a link that was a valid complaint form and not a list of pages I would be able to do what you asked but your link is not a form for a wen complaint or even for wen. Second I really don't see how you can help me.

Getting my money back is not going to make my hair grow back, nor is it going to ease the headaches that I am seeing my Doctor for.

So if you truly want to hear from me leave the correct link. If you really want to help close wen down so no one else gets hurt.