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All of a sudden i am getting automatic refills Never ordered and cannot get a refund. THIS IS A SCAM.

Product is not unique. Service is non existant. I want to return unopened package.

They insist on 100 words and how much bad stuff do I have to write.

Do not order any thing from Wen. If I need more words to say that I will just have to fill in this bock with you know what, not fit for publication !@#%^&*()%@@$^&*&%$#^&^&^%#))*&$#!%^&&%%%$

Well they still want more words and there are not enough to tell you this is a rip=off.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

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Did you order through the GUNTY RENKER INFOMERCIAL??? If so, your complaint is with GUNTY RENKER and NOT WITH CHAZ DEAN OR WEN!!!

I have been a faithful user of this product for nearly six-years and have had no complaints whatsoever!!! Please, please do not lump Chaz Dean in with the DECEIPTFUL GUNTY RENKER!!!!

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