Ordered the product, within a half hour canceled the order after I read the negative reviews about the company automatically charging you for product that you don't want.

Wen customer service told me that I couldn't cancel my order, even though it was within 30 minutes of placing the order! They told me that I had to wait 72 hours for the order to be processed, and once I received the product, to ship it back minus the shipping cost....unbelievable!

Tried to cancel the order via email on their site...it didn't work...finally talked to an agent who gave me another email address, sent them a email telling them to cancel my order.

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that sucks! I've been there and it is ridiculous. They count on the little guy having no power and they count on the volume of people who pay but don't have the time or willpower to fight back.


What was the email address that was given to you so you could cancel?

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