Salt Lake City, Utah
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Although I enjoyed the product, I have canceled my account with Wen and will order from Amazon or another online source in the future.

Because of a new debit card being issued, we were sent a bill rather than a statement.

My partner called to pay the bill with his card. They then continued to bill that card with NO authorization from him. Not to mention two kits they billed him for were NEVER RECEIVED!

They continue to bill your credit card and send way too much product! Order through amazon, ebay, or QVC instead.

Order only what you want instead of dealing with Wen's kits and product you don't want.


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I love wen. My complaint is with the auto delivery program.

although the invoices and box say get online and adjust your account I cannot find a way to do so. I would like to change the type of products and the length of time. I also want to use other flavors but I cannot see that they are offered in the auto program, only the sweet almond mint. I also see better prices in other deals advertised by Wen that are not available to me through auto delivery.

I've used it for years and my hair is long, colored over gray. My longtime hair dresser asked me what I did to keep my hair so healthy!