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When talking about the product I do enjoy it, But I hope none of you ever have to deal with their costumer service / billing department. I had to cancel my wen hair care today due to the on going problems with my account.

It started off normal, I purchased the product on line received it in the mail and loved it. It was great and I was happy with the money spent, until about a month later when I started to see random charges from Wen to my bank account. For some reason ( according to wens costumer support ) My shipments were changed from every 3 months to once a month and they started to charge me as so. I had never changed anything, it just " magically " happened on it is own.

I was told not to worry everything would be taken care of, when I got the next shipment ( that I was not supposed to receive ) to just send it back and a full refund would be made with in 3 - 5 days . I thought " Oh OK no problem I can do that " waited for the package to come an in the same day returned the package and waited for my refund. that was on 2 / 2 / 2012. Today is 2/ 28 / 2012

After speaking with at least 7 of there customer support people, 2 of witch said they were supervisors I still was being billed almost once a week for random shipments that I have never received.

I only received the refund for the first returned shipment on 2 / 23 / 2012. I have been going back and forth for days with them. I currently have a charge on my bank account of $38.94 ( this is on top of the normal 29.95 they charge per month ) that they can not even tell me where it came from. They have no record of the charge in there system!

They told me for them to be able to do anything I will have to go to my bank, get a copy of my statement ( can not be printed off the online site as per wen costumer service supervisor ) fax it to them explaining in detail and pointing out the charge. Then wait for them to research the charge and contact me when they are done with their investigation witch they could not tell me how long would take. The more we got into it and found out all of the mistakes they had made with my billing the less they seemed to want to answer any of my questions, and couldn't understand how I found this to be unprofessional and a large inconvenience. So sadly today I had to cancel my wen subscription.

Great product, terrible billing and costumer service, and I still have a "phantom" 38.94 on my account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I had the exact same problem. It's too bad because the product is excellent, but I tell everyone I know not to bother because it's not worth the hours you waste disputing charges you did not authorize!

After my membership was cancelled (I had an email to prove it) WEN still managed to take $93.00 out of my account. I ended up having to get a new credit card issued just so WEN couldn't stalk me with random charges.


At leat you got am email. 4 calls later, no email and STILL an active membership. This is crazy!!


from Carmen again. can you imagine how much money this guy makes from auto-sending?

alots. I hate when company's try to pull a wool over our eyes. it's so deceitful, don't you think?

and it's not nice or respectful from a company to do this. have a great day.


when I read that they would automatically start sending me products, I STOPPED MY ORDER! I have been through this stuff b-4, I would and will never order ANYTHING from any company that automatically wants to send me more of their products b-4 I even order it or b-4 I know if I like the product or not.


it's not a wise thing to do. :upset :eek


Not very happy! I cancelled my wen 2 weeks ago nd the customer service representative told me that I would not be charged for the products that I received a month after they sent them nd I just looked my account to see a charge of 39.95 nd was like wait a minute I was told that I wasn't going to be changed.

I called them and said that I was told one thing nd they did a totally different thing. They told me that if I wanted a refund to just send back the products, well that a little hard since the products are gone due to my 3 girls getting into it nd using it also! If they had told me that 2 weeks ago when I call I would have been more than happy to send them back. They all need to get on one page nd make sure the are all saying the right thing.

Don't get me wrong I Love my products and so don't my girls but I will not let them say one thing nd do another. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN


Same her, I tried the product back in May of 2012, within the first month I called to cancel my order because the product did not my do as advertised on the commercial; the gentlemen who took my call offered to change me over to a mint product which should work better on my type of hair (would've been nice to know there were multiple options to begin with), anywho I decline and asked to cancel, I received an email confirmation and everything. Now it is July 2013 and I have mail forwarded from my old address I left in November 2012, stating I have an owed balance of $107.49 because apparently in their system my service was never cancelled and they sent out more product to my old address January 2013.

I called the billing department to straighten this out and now they tell me I have to pay the balance because they shipped the product to the old address January 2013 and it has yet to be returned. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

Now I have to file a dispute with the soon to be collections company and write a letter disputing charges to the billing department. I have NEVER in my life had to jump through so many hoops in order to straighten out something I cancelled with a company prior to more shipments being shipped, this is absolutely ridiculous that they would try and charge me for product I never received and that should've been cancelled anyways.


I opened an accout in January and tried the product. It made my hair super greasy.

I cancelled my membership in january. It is now April and this company continues to charge my credit card very 3 weeks AND sends me product that I beg them not to send. I have a confirmation email from them stating my account is cancelled but they still charge my credit card and still send me oil for my hair that I do not want.

I am getting a lawyer. They charged up my credit card 395.00 since January and they refuse to actually stop.

Buy Beware

@Jenna Winters

call the credit card company and have them dispute the charges. they will refund your money and prevent additional charges in the future


Oh glad I read these. I was just about to open one.

I was thinking something strange though when I had to open an account first to order.

Hmmm - ya terrible customer service; if you can even get through to anyone. I tried the e-mail approach and the answers were very vague and not really addressing my issues


your funny and pretty dumb to order when it dose say it, its all the little print that no one reads aka Terms and Conditions:

Guthy-Renker, LLC assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the Site. Guthy-Renker, LLC may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating this posting. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then current Terms and Conditions to which you are bound.

Basically you agreed to have this issue and you are now Complainting about it. Read what your getting into before the buy it.


After seeing one of the many Wen infomercials I decided to try the product out, but I had to do my research. Now, after reading the reviews I have decided not to try it.

It looks as if it may be a good product but the issues that can possibly be attached is overwhelming. :?


I have been using Wen since the beginning of this year. I have had no issues with billing or service.

Upon placing an order, the payments are spread over 3 months but only shipped every 3 months IF you choose that method. I choose to call in my order as needed. No charges have been placed on my cc that have not been legitimate. The products, I find, are wonderful and it's been very difficult to go back (in between shipments) to using previous salon products I've used for 40 years, yes, since I was 19.

You must be sure to rinse thoroughly or I can imagine that your hair would feel greasy. I've also reduced greatly the amount of product I use from their recommendations. And I still get great results.

It's a costly product but after getting highlights for the first time in my life and being about 40% gray, I love how my hair is after Wen. Love these products!


You can dispute any unauthorized charge to your bank. The will investigate for you and then reverse the charge.


I am a licensed cosmotologist who has studied hair for many years. Your hair grows from the inside out.

I would not suggest biotin as a standalone supplement. It can be hard on your liver & you never know about the quality and if it's even bio-available for human absorbtion. I would suggest a more broad spectrum vitamin supplement. There are some topical things that you can do at the same time to help.

I started taking vitamins by Usana Health Sciences and my hair grew 2 inches in 3 months! They are a reputable company and their products are FDA certified. FYI- Rogaine is not safe for woman.

Contact me on Twitter if you would like more info. @onekristendavis


I wrote a comment on Wen too and followed through with a complaint to the BBB. They should not be allowed to run charges through a persons bank account without authorization.

They did that to me after I had called and cancelled in Aug.2011!!! Feb.

2012 I am charged for the product!!!! Major inconvenience dealing with this company!


yep, don't do it..same problem. But when I mentioned the BBB they refunded my money immediately, hmmmm.