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I ordered wen hair care and did not like the product and canceling the account is still a miserable, time consuming nightmare! As for the product, daily and repetitive use leaves roots looking "greasy" and hair looks dirty.

Canceling an account is the part that is is even more disgusting than the product!!! I called to cancel my account in only one week after using wen hair care, the shipments stopped, however, they still continued to charge my account $34.95 each month. I was even charged 2 times in one month!!! I have called them repeatedly to cancel the account and each time I was "assured" it was cancelled.

Then sure enough I end up seeing the charges on my bank account again!

THIS WHOLE "WEN HAIR CARE AUTOMATIC SHIPMENT THING" IS NOTHING SHORT OF A SCAM....I have gone to my bank and filed numerous disputes for the charges and have wasted lots of precious time trying to get my money back and trying to cancel the account. SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME AND THE TROUBLE....THE PRODUCT IS NOT GOOD AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EVEN WORSE!

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Wow! Glad I looked for reviews.

I actually tried to buy WEN online, but didn't receive a confirmation at the end of the process. I had to call 3 times over 4 days to confirm the order did not go through. I guess I got lucky!!

I won't try to reorder. Thanks.



please do not buy their products!!!!!


Thanks for the info. I was looking into getting WEN but I didn't like the automatic payments. SO thank you very much, you are among MANY to say the same thing.

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