Fort Wayne, Indiana

It's simple. Listen to the reviews.

Don't waste your money. I received my "90" day supply and have been charged twice. They don't want you to know that they're going to charge you multipal times for your supply. They told me to "read the fine print" any company that cant be honest is not worth your hard earnd money.

Once they get your CC # they will run it up. They are not truthful. If they were honest I would of stayed. DO NOT ORDER WEN!

The customer service people suck and hang up on you so that you won't cancel. Stay away from Wen!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $73.

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It really is a great product if you use it correctly. Don't forget to use the comb & the longer you keep the cleanser on the better! =) :p


You should have bought the product from, best customer service, best prices. the reason you hair is greasy is b/c you didn't use enough of the product, you really have to follow the directions, good luck! 8)


What you say about the refunds are true unless you order directly from WEN. There are no hassles but you must order $100 for free shipping.

I usually order two big bottles about every three months and that takes care of that. I had hair like bristles until I started using WEN.

I really like the products. But only order the products I need.


1) Refund process: Timeframe 4-6 weeks.

2) Why they charged you again?: Cause they never receive your shipment back yet.

3) Why they told you to read the fine print: Cause most of you, people, dont read the invoice and it sais that after your first 30 day supply you'll be getting a 90 day supply and you'll be paying 29.95 times 3 for every shipment.

4) Customer service hang up on you?: That's a lie. It's a policy, they cannot release calls.


I agree with the statement above. I ordered the 30 day supply, product did nothing to my hair but made it frizzy and greasy.

They automatically charged my account $45.53 for the first installment of a 90 supply that I did not purchase nor authorize. I was told I was "automatically" signed up to receive and be charged for a 90 day supply. I had to mail back the product (mailed back 3 weeks ago) which I just discovered after today when I was charged another $29.95 that it takes at least 6 weeks for my return to be processed.

I do not recommend Wen hair to anyone! NOT NOT PURCHASE!!!!!!!