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Please don't be fooled like I was in seeing celebrities selling this product on t.v.!! The product is horrible, at least for someone with fine hair. After day 2, my hair looked like a pile of grease that hadn't been washed in days. I didn't feel like dealing with sending it back and decided it was my loss of $30.

Here is what they don't tell you: One purchase means you are signing up for multiple shipments at the regular price of $100, and they kindly bill you in incremental charges each month. They did a nice job of hiding this in fine print somewhere because I normally catch these trick tactics. What is worse is that I had to pay twice for the shipping of this unwanted shipment, even though I was assured by customer service that they would credit me the shipment cost. Yeah right! There has been no refund of the shipping costs.

What a total scam and joke of a product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

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WEN is for sure not for everyone and make sure you know what kind is best for you! I have been using it for about a year now and I actually professionally model in hair magazines and do hair shows its all I use now.

My hair is so processed and was so dry before. You honestly wouldn't know how much *** my hair goes through now I've switched to WEN. I get less split ends my hair is super soft and it doesn't strip my color! My reds stay bright and fun!!

It does take a bit to get used to using something that doesn't lather but the fact its way less *** in it is amazing. Also it takes a bit for most peoples hair and scalp to get used to it. I will say the one kind I think it was the fig one did leae my scalp itchy but I have since not used it and been fine.

Also if you want to avoid the pre ships and trying to get out of auto charges (which I unfortunetly fell for at first too) find an As Seen on TV store and just buy it there. I pay 70$ every 2-2.5 months and I just go to one of those stores buy it when I need it way less hassle!



I faced the same issue, spent a lot of money on a product that doesnt do any good.

Took me a lot of money, for ever to settle the situation, and I had a pile of orders that I had to give away.

Be carefull with those guys, and remember....they just put a lable on a product that usually should cost no more than US$ 8 at Walmart, instead they charge US$ 29.00 but you get hooked for long time

What a shame


Wen cleansing Conditioner made my Hair break and fall out. My Hair is thinner now than before I started using product also scalp itches.

What a rip off but even worse than money spent on such *** I lost a lot of my Hair,hopefully it will regrow but if it does it will take about 1 Year. Hate Wen.


Thank goodness for all of the comments. I have read through many sources that the so called "WEN MEMBERSHIP CLUB" is a total rip off.

It appears to be and I will NOT be ordering these products.

There are some super hair products out need to get ripped off by this "company".


My wife is handicapped and asked me to call the number on the Wen infomercial. It was for a $30 purchase.

I did so and gave the lady on the line my credit card number and home address. She said I was now a member of the Wen "club" and would receive monthly product updates and be billed accordingly. I told her all I wanted was the bottle my wife saw on TV which she could then try and I would reorder as needed. That would not be needed she said as it was automatic with my club membership.

What membership??? On and on in the same vein until I finally told the Wen lady to cancel everything. She was not clear on the phone whether she was going to do that and I saw myself getting products and bills over a long period for Wen products which I now suspected I would not want for my wife. I called my credit card company and explained the sequence of events and my concern.

The outcome was that I cancelled my old credit card and will never buy any of the TV infomercial products. It was only when I was finished I realized how *** I was to give my credit card number and address to some outfit which could be doing a bait and switch scam. Neither of us, my wife nor myself, was aware the TV ad was a lead in for a club membership with ongoing product shipment and monthly billing.

It is disgusting that this kind of ad which is very misleading is allowed to do business over TV. We have become an economy of hustlers.


Your Wife should be grateful she did not loose her Hair. Wen did that to me after a few weeks of use my Hair started breaking and falling out. Like you said old enough to know better,well I should have read the 1 and 2 star reviews and never would have used this horrible product on my Hair.



actually they dont, i have ordered from them many times, on my own time, when I want, and never was my order $100. .. I call ***


I have natural kinky coily hair. I have literally tried probably every shampoo and conditioner you can think of in your mind and then add more because I travel abroad and try stuff from other countries. Wen is hands down the best cleansing and conditioning product on the market. I mean the best. I. Have. Tried. Everything. I probably spend a couple hundred dollars a month on makeup and body products.

Wen is the best bang for the buck, and it uses incredible ingredients. I tried it years ago at my sisters house, and loved it but never thought I could pay the price asked. It is worth it. Imagine if one had to buy a cleanser, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, and leave in as separate products. Now, when I travel, I only need one bottle. ONE BOTTLE. It is so amazing. I will be a Wen user for life.

I like all of the other styling products as well. If you follow directions, and/or figure out what is best for your hair using the products, your hair will thank you. Again, I have natural kinky curly hair, and I also dye my hair light colors, and before I used Wen, I had to cut my hair off because it was so damaged. After I cut my hair off, I immediately started using Wen. I think my hair grew two inches in a month and half, and it is the softest and healthiest my hair has ever been.

My hair literally used to be dry and crispy, and I could hear it crunching when I touched it. Not any more. Softer than a babies bottom.

I cant understand why there is so many complaints. Seriously, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.



LOL... how much did you get paid to spend your time on writing this nonsense?


Best shampoo ever. I have thin, fine hair and have never had as much body as I have using Wen.

You have to use as much as recommended, however. Once you have used is AS RECOMMENDED for a week, try a little less until you find what works for your hair.

People who hate this product are being cheap and trying to use it as THEY want (less) rather than as recommended. I am not affiliated with the company, just don't like to see a good product abused because people are spending good money to use a product incorrectly.


I was thinking of getting some wen to try out not now thanks to comments on here :eek


I have hair falling out by the handfuls and just put the Wen use to the hair loss! It started many weeks ago and continues to grow worse.

Bumps on the scalp that is new and concerning.

Just read enough negative blogs with all my symptoms that I KNOW it is this product. I just pray my bangs grow back as most of the hair on my scalp has broke off at the roots.


Totally over-rated

I have dyed curly long hair, after one use my hair was flat, heavy and greasy.

My natural curl was weighted down!

Also....the extra gifts(which kinda sold me as i ordered it sitting up late the night before my birthday) didn't arrive after being promised by salesperson, rang to advise and was told. No no no no only get them with additional orders. I asked if they would rather keep a customer happy and give me my gifts as promised or they would loose me and.....Yep SEE YA!!!

This product is totally TOSH!~!

Wish I had read this forum before ordering!! SAVE YOUR $$$$$$ :(


I tried WEN and really loved it. All my co-workers always commented on how great my hair looked...always asking if I JUST had my hair done.

I only stopped using it because I read someone say that they're hair was falling out and it was scarry to me. I've had hair loss too but wondered if it could be from the fact that I have it highlighted. Also, mature women have to remember that with our hormone changes we can have lose of hair. When I canceled and returned, I never had a problem.

Also, its not really WEN customer service is it? Wouldn't it be Gunty Routner? Anyway, for what its worth my daughter, a stylist, said that with any Sulfate free shampoo you have to rinse your hair really well no matter what. Could this be the problem with the hair loss?

I'm thinking, like anything else you might apply, if it builds up on the shaft of your hair it might be like having baby's "cradle cap", as it's called (Oily patches on the scalp, which might cause your hair to fall out. Just some helpful thoughts I hope.


One way around this, if your looking to try WEN is to specificaly say no to the membership. You can buy a 3 month supply for 89.95 with 8.99 shipping and handeling, which, is the same as you would pay over a 3 month period with the membership.

Buyng a 30 day this way is possible, but the price is like $49.95 with a shipping cost too. Also, they take the bottles back, even if empty for 60 days from reciept of the product, so if you don't like it, send it back as soon as possible, empty.