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I admit I was a person who read reviews prior to purchasing, but didn’t believe what I read. I just thought it was the customer not the company, look at the stars promoting it, they would not be affiliated with someone who does this to people.

Oooh boy I was wrong, I’m unsure if we are being punished for not liking their product or there so hard up for cash they steel it, but regardless of the reason we need to put an end to this.

My story is like everyone else’s on here, back in October 2012 I saw the commercial, I fell for the add and purchased the product.

I followed the rules if you don’t like it call them to cancel and send back the product, and I did just that I spoke to a gentleman that grilled me as to why I was dissatisfied and he told me there are other types for different hair why don’t I try them, but I was no longer interested. No fault of theirs I honestly was not interested.

I FedEx the item back with a signature required, and just assumed all would be well with the refund as they advised 6-8 week process. I noticed nothing in November, so figured December, but by then I honestly forgotten about it “My Mistake” (Please let this be a warning with any transaction regarding your Credit Card or Banking Account please “ALWAYS” check your account everyday)

Apparently in December they deducted $86.75 and January $59.90 and February $59.90, it probably would have continued to happen if I didn’t catch it, but I knew yesterday Valentine’s Day I added extra funds to my account to Celebrate and I thought wow how is my card declining, I checked my phone and my heart sunk to find out that Wen deducted the money.

I immediately called Wen and the guy who answered the phone was really unprofessional, I know what you must think I lost it when I called, but that is not the case. I attempted to handle this correctly and calmly, although he claimed I never canceled repeatedly, he then asked me for my address a 3rd times after he called me by another woman’s name come to find out he was looking into another account.

Then he asked for my credit card information, which I declined to give as I stated you just deducted funds yesterday. By now I was a bit frustrated as he finally confirmed that I canceled back in October, but then asked if this was for hair or pills. I stated you have it on file you know its for hair, then he said I didnt send the product back and I told him yes I did, then he told me that they have no return on file and that I have been receiving products; I asked him how is this the case as you just confirmed that I was canceled back in October then he told me to wait one second as he placed me on hold.

After a few minutes he got back on the phone giggleing asking if I had the tracking number, I stated that was over 4 months I don’t believe I do as I was digging through all my drawers, as he started to tell me Mam unfortunately nothing has been returned and you have been receiving products so the cost are correct. Now I lost it and thank God at that exact time I pulled the UPS receipt out and as I was telling him how I never received any other products and the fact you confirmed I was canceled how could more products get sent out to me since none arrived, and I gave him the tackling number with the name of the receptions who signed for it when UPS delivered it, and he asked me to please hold.

When he got back on he apologized and now sees that I did send it back but it was never processed. I filed a verbal complaint agents him, and the company with the manager on file so she says she processed it, and she informed me they will refund me $271.09 but in “5” days. (Let’s see if this is true, when the fifth day from today 2/15/13 comes.)

Okay its really bad I didn’t catch this sooner, but a funny little twist. I misplaced my card back in November so a new one was issued, so I was trying to figure out how they gained access to my account, per my bank they illegally as they “Force Proceed a Transaction” with a closed account which is 100% illegal. My Bank and Visa are now involved and addressing this matter with them.

*** Now honestly who knows how this would have been handled if I didn’t save my UPS number, no matter what; it was my word against their employees back in October, and this new guy was giving me every run around until I found the evidence I needed to force them to give me a refund, but who’s to say after I get the refund they won’t illegally Force Proceed a transaction again. The truth is I will never know, I’m forced to cancel my account as I cannot afford to see if they will do this again.***

I know this is long, but honestly please listen, as I was one who didn’t and now I’m $271.09 in a loss I hate for another to go through this, but this company will continue to do this as they have already done this to so many , and most not on this site or have even posted a complaint but their unsure who to tell, but I’m going to spread the word everywhere until some Legal Action is taken agent this company.

My prayers are with each of you that have been a victim to these Thief’s.

Monetary Loss: $271.

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