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Has anyone tried using this Wen Poduct & what do you think about it? From a black person point of view; I have tried it and it leaves your hair soft but without the balm its very dry and frizy. The styling cream leaves it dry and very hard. So please respond,would like to see posting from other black females who have tried this product.

Looking for more responses from black females on this product. When i watched the tv clip you really couldn't tell if the black hair was really dry or not. Looks are deceiving sometimes.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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I have super curly hair that’ll get pretty dry quick if not moisturized properly. I’ve used Wen, the pomegranate line for like 5 years.

It made my hair grow super fast in my opinion, and my hair and curls were so soft. Lots of people of all races were complimenting how nice my curls looked. When I was in college, I played basketball and we didn’t even have time to eat, let alone, do our hair lol. Wen was so easy!

Wash in the shower, then reapply as a leave in , and blow dry or air dry. The gel stuff made my hair frizzy tbh, it wasn’t like, strong enough I guess? Lol. But the conditioner and the six thirteen were great!

The only thing is the way I used it, I’d reapply it like every couple of days and after a week, you’ll kinda start seeing it clump and make white residue. I’m sure any product will do that when you use a lot of it though. But anyway, As far as straightening my hair with Wen, I didn’t get that sleek salon look even with the straightening oil or anything, so I didn’t straighten my hair anymore. But overall, I think it’s wonderful for natural curls!

I wish they would make some type of gel or other moisturizers though for our coarser hair so that we can have that professional look lol. Sorry for the super long comment :(


I've been using it for the past 7 years...i think that says it all. I am a black female & I love how I can easily comb my hair when wet.

I'm tender headed so I immediately noticed the difference when I take home through my wet curls. & over time there has been less and less hair fallout.

Hardly any the last couple of yrs. I must also state bec I am old school, I still use grease AND a hot comb (I'm not impressed with the harsh flat iron, and I don't care for that bone straight look.) I use them (grease and hot comb twocw a month).


My hairdresser recommended Shielo's Smoothing Conditioner to me because I have hard to handle hair that is super dry and brittle on the ends and gets really oily at the roots. I've been using the Shielo Conditioner for about two weeks now and it has honestly improved my hair so much. The once dry, brittle ends of my hair are now amazingly healthy, smooth and hydrated, without being that false silky that you get with a lot of supermarket brand conditioners.


I've been using Wen for about six months now and my hair has never looked so good or been so healthy; my hair is relaxed, and I got turned on to this stuff by one of my girls who's been co-washing forever, and whose hair is natural; we both love it. First of all, make sure you're using the real thing -- if you're not getting it from Chaz Dean's website or QVC, or it says "by Chaz Dean" on the bottle, you're getting the Guthy-Renker version that's causing the lawsuits.

It's a totally different formula, it's cheaper, and it's not as good. Second, whether you're relaxed or natural, stick to 613, Fig, or possibly Pomegranate -- the rest of the formulas aren't moisturizing enough. Third, it's counter-intuitive, but you have to make sure you're using enough. If you have hair long or thick enough to require 20 pumps, don't try to get over with 10 or 12; you WILL end up with hair that's both funky and dry.

And follow the directions. Seriously.

If you try and use it like a regular shampoo, then dry your hair with a regular towel and go about your business, you will look a hot mess. Good luck!


I use the fig for moisture and the tea tree for my itchy scalp. I love it.


My Hair is Dry Itchy Scalp and Broken off in the Crown


It works best on natural hair. It makes chemically straightened hair more brittle and damaged.


I was given WEN as a gift at first it is strange to not use it as I had been shampooing for years. I did begin to like the results, thicker seemingly stronger hair.

It seemed to respond well grow healthier, less breakage. I did not like the one product that felt like was, it seemed to pull at the hair . For a black with my texture it was not necessary to use. After the product was used which took a while, my hair is in really bad shape.

Dry , brittle. I am wondering now if this is a product that you must continue to use for life. At this point why is it not in stores? I have asked many salons, hairdressers about WEN they say they have never used it personally or on a customer.

Well that could slow business I don't know. After reading the comments I wonder? I do know my hair for that time that I used it was in nice shape. I still had to use other products for shine.

wonder if Chaz is working on that to corner that part of the market?


My hair after washing was brittle, knotted trashy product


I have tried it and it really made a difference after the first try. The difference is, I also apply "As I Am" curl pudding and "One n Only Argan oil" oil treatment, to my natural hair.

Sometimes I add olive oil hair gel to keep the defined curl for the day.

I found this combination works every time for me. Never a bad hair day with this combination, for me:-)


I have relaxed my hair for years. I also make alot of Shea hair products which makes me aware of ingredients in products.

What concerns me about Wen is one of the 1st ingredients: ALCOHOL, Which by its very nature is EXTREMELY drying especially to relaxed hair. So Wen made my hair feel dry and crackle.

I'm glad it works for others but its a no go for me. Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story


My hair said make sure you oil yr scalp


My hair has been very soft since using. However, my scalp is still very dry, I was hoping I won't have to use a dandruff shampoo after using the cleansing conditioners, but I will have to use something to control my flaking scalp. I love the product, but doesn't control my dry itchy scalp!


I am sooo glad to see this post! I've been using Wen since July and once the supplies I have are gone, that's it for me.

Wen leaves my hair waaaaaay too soft and over conditioned. I have to use clarifying shampoo every few weeks to get to strip my hair and start over! I have a short sassy hair cut and it leaves my hair really fluffy feeling, limp and flat.

As for the Styling Creme...

it's awful and absolutely not for black hair. It leaves my hair dry, crisp and it starts to break all over the place (I've never had breakage). Literally once I wash my hair you can feel the softness (too soft), the second I put the styling creme in... WHAM...

My hair feels weird and crunchy! It feels like I sprayed clothing starch on my hair.

Absolutely awful!


Ladies forget about all these BOGUS products!

My thinning hair was caused by the spinning Instyler, and was falling out by the handfuls everyday, and I tried virtually every product out there to regrow my hair,and nothing was working. That is until I did a little research on balding and home remedies.

What I found out is that most of us have a solution right at our fingertips, and if not this product is easily available EVERYWHERE ! My magic find is Aloe Vera...Not Aloe Vera products, but pure Aloe from the plant of which I had several growing in and around my home. Not only after my first month of use did I stop seeing my hair washing down the drain and in my comb and brush, it also adds shine and strenthens your hair. This is real ladies and REALLY works!

Heres what you will need:

Aloe Vera Plant

Bowl or container Butter knife Shower Cap Heres how you do it: 1.

Remove (2) leaves from your plant 2. Cut the plant down one of the seams and open flat. (Fluid in plant will be thick and sticky) 3. With a butter, knife run the flat edge down the open leaf, running fluid into your container.(try to keep gel chunks out of your fluid as mush as possible, but it will not harm hair if some remains.

4. Apply to dry hair paying close attentions to your ends if they are splitting. 5. Put on shower cap(plastic) and let remain for 30-40 minutes 6.

Do your normal wash and conditioning....Thats it . Repeat this every other week, and you WILL see a difference, I took it one step further by adding my pure Aloe into my Shampoo and Conditioner also. Also I have stopped shampooing everyday to once a week ( found out this was stripping all my natrual oils from hair and giving that straw look and feel).

I went a whole year with losing my hair before doing this process, and my hair is BACK, stonger, smoother and longer than ever ! Good luck Ladies, and BTW this will work for ALL hair types !!!!

@Got my Hair BACK 58

When I was a little girl (back in the '80s), my mom (who was about 18) decided to use a home kit to give me a Jerry curl. About a week later, she decided it didn't look right, so she gave me a perm.

Needless to say, within a month , I had was practically bald. They would a barrette on top of my head so people knew I was a girl. My grandmother cut leaves from her aloe vera plant and used them to grease my scalp. Within a year, my hair was half way down my back.

True Story! Grandma grew my hair back with plain old aloe vera.

P.s. my mom said my scalp was burned from the chemicals and the aloe healed that as well.


Hi I am a black female and I have watched the wen cleansing conditioner for about one year on qvc before I ordered it. I purchased the largest bottle (thanks to easy pay option) and my daughter started using first on a consistent bases (weekly) for about a month as directed on the bottle.

I brought the fig which is specifically for african american hair texture. You only need to use two pumps (one per wash) as the conditioner is so concentrated that as your putting conditioner in your hair you add water as well which will help produce more conditioner to cover your entire head (my daughter's hair is shoulder length and extremely coarse). Let me tell me you I have never found a shampoo or conditioner that leaves her hair extremely soft as the wen does. As a result I have started using on my head with the same results (my daughter has a relaxer and I am all natural ).

Give it another try and follow these instructions and im sure you will be just as pleased as we are with this product.

I do plan on purchasing other wen products from qvc. Hope this helps you.


I bought a hallon of almond mint from qvc last month. I wish i had known the fig was more for our hair.

I still love it!!! It also does a great job on my step daughters' hair (Yugoslavian)! The side products work better on thier hair though.

I use coconut oil and milk as well.

thankyou for sharing


I've used this product and must say I love it. Although, with this product I've noticed that I had to use plenty in order to see results.

For example, I typically wash my hair with shampoo twice, one squirt each, and put one squirt of conditioner in my hair. So that's three squirts of product and this isn't even mentioning what I do for my deep condition. With Wen I used a minimum of 30 squirts. 15 for wash and 15 for condition.

And I do not have long hair. Although, in the end my hair was soft and bouncy.

Also, my hair is relaxed, my newgrowth as well is amazingly soft.


Im black nd i've tried Wen . It really dried my hair out , I had to re wash my hair with my reg shampoo nd did a deep condition jus to get my hair back to normal