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Has anyone tried using this Wen Poduct & what do you think about it? From a black person point of view; I have tried it and it leaves your hair soft but without the balm its very dry and frizy. The styling cream leaves it dry and very hard. So please respond,would like to see posting from other black females who have tried this product.

Looking for more responses from black females on this product. When i watched the tv clip you really couldn't tell if the black hair was really dry or not. Looks are deceiving sometimes.

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New York, New York, United States #1193006

My hairdresser recommended Shielo's Smoothing Conditioner to me because I have hard to handle hair that is super dry and brittle on the ends and gets really oily at the roots. I've been using the Shielo Conditioner for about two weeks now and it has honestly improved my hair so much. The once dry, brittle ends of my hair are now amazingly healthy, smooth and hydrated, without being that false silky that you get with a lot of supermarket brand conditioners.


I've been using Wen for about six months now and my hair has never looked so good or been so healthy; my hair is relaxed, and I got turned on to this stuff by one of my girls who's been co-washing forever, and whose hair is natural; we both love it.First of all, make sure you're using the real thing -- if you're not getting it from Chaz Dean's website or QVC, or it says "by Chaz Dean" on the bottle, you're getting the Guthy-Renker version that's causing the lawsuits.

It's a totally different formula, it's cheaper, and it's not as good. Second, whether you're relaxed or natural, stick to 613, Fig, or possibly Pomegranate -- the rest of the formulas aren't moisturizing enough. Third, it's counter-intuitive, but you have to make sure you're using enough. If you have hair long or thick enough to require 20 pumps, don't try to get over with 10 or 12; you WILL end up with hair that's both funky and dry.

And follow the directions. Seriously.

If you try and use it like a regular shampoo, then dry your hair with a regular towel and go about your business, you will look a hot mess.Good luck!

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1217605

I use the fig for moisture and the tea tree for my itchy scalp. I love it.


My Hair is Dry Itchy Scalp and Broken off in the Crown


It works best on natural hair. It makes chemically straightened hair more brittle and damaged.


I was given WEN as a gift at first it is strange to not use it as I had been shampooing for years.I did begin to like the results, thicker seemingly stronger hair.

It seemed to respond well grow healthier, less breakage. I did not like the one product that felt like was, it seemed to pull at the hair . For a black with my texture it was not necessary to use. After the product was used which took a while, my hair is in really bad shape.

Dry , brittle. I am wondering now if this is a product that you must continue to use for life. At this point why is it not in stores? I have asked many salons, hairdressers about WEN they say they have never used it personally or on a customer.

Well that could slow business I don't know. After reading the comments I wonder? I do know my hair for that time that I used it was in nice shape. I still had to use other products for shine.

wonder if Chaz is working on that to corner that part of the market?


My hair after washing was brittle, knotted trashy product


I have tried it and it really made a difference after the first try.The difference is, I also apply "As I Am" curl pudding and "One n Only Argan oil" oil treatment, to my natural hair.

Sometimes I add olive oil hair gel to keep the defined curl for the day.

I found this combination works every time for me.Never a bad hair day with this combination, for me:-)


I have relaxed my hair for years.I also make alot of Shea hair products which makes me aware of ingredients in products.

What concerns me about Wen is one of the 1st ingredients: ALCOHOL, Which by its very nature is EXTREMELY drying especially to relaxed hair. So Wen made my hair feel dry and crackle.

I'm glad it works for others but its a no go for me.Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story


My hair said make sure you oil yr scalp

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