I'm a college student making minimum wage.I figured for my birthday I'd order the $29.95 Wen package as a gift to myself.

With this being the first time I've ever ordered off an infomercial, I made sure to listen carefully to what the foreign man was saying so I could be sure to know exactly what I was being charged for. First he offered me $10 of additional products I "need to achieve best results with the Wen I'm receiving." Maybe it's naive of me but I thought his whole pitch was that Wen is so great you don't need additional products. Then, he offered Cindy Crawford skincare, and when I said no, some other product that would make me look like the Wen girls. I said no.

He was clearly frustrated, because I'm sure he is making commission or something, but I only wanted the $29.95 charge. He said he was sending me a 90 day supply so I could receive the full benefits of Wen. I asked if this meant I'd be charged three monthly installments and he said yes. I asked if I could cancel this but then decided $90 is WAY too much for me to spend on my hair when I need that money for other things and asked if I could just cancel the order.

I apologized for wasting his time and really was sorry, and when he got angry I told him that when I gave him my card information (which I'm regretting now) I was told I'd be charged $29.95, not locked in and eventually charged $89.95. If I had been told that I would have cancelled the order sooner. He claimed he didn't process the order, but I'm doubtful. He was SO RUDE afterwards and ended the call with "(scoff)..

Well ma'am, thanks for ordering Wen. BYE." And hung up immediately. I had more questions but I guess I will have to call back. I had intended on ordering Wen somewhere else.

Maybe off Amazon where I wouldn't be charged for three months.

Now, they've lost a customer for good.I don't care how great my hair would feel, I'm never ordering Wen.

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