Raleigh, North Carolina

Ordered product as a gift to my wife, My wife tried it and did not like it. I was told by the company to send back product and when they receive it they will refund me.

I sent back but did not keep the receipt from post office. They told me without receipt, no refund. Good point but I will not be buying anything more from any on-line again. Way to many scams out there to hope that I don't get caught in another.

Screw me once shame on you, screw me again shame on me. If only there was more we all could do!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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Why is everyone returning Wen? Done anyone think it is a good product? Awful slick promo work.


hi to which address do i have to send it back? thanks i will keep the post office receipt -.-


It's a shame this company has resorted to this procedure.. however proof is hard to deliver..

if the package was never received an invoice would not be proof..

this is where sending with a tracking number and required signature or certified mail would be appopriate proof in any court..


did you really think you would get your money back? really??


I wish i had read this before i ordered this *** and sent it back now i am in a holding pattern due to you are sending it to a P.O BOX instead of GR so it takes 6 weeks to get a refund this company sucks!!!!!


@ Anna. If you work do in fact work for Wen ...

you seriously need to be re- trained in Customer Service. Not only are you trying to justify this scam ...you are rude .

( bye! ) An invoice inside the returned box is proof of the return.


I work for Wen Haircare. Unfortunately if you dont have any proof of mailing, any receipt from the postoffice, theres nothing we can do.

Its the only way that we have to know if actually that shipment was returned.

Its the return policy, Im sorry. Bye!


*** no. If your info/return slip was in the returned box you keep calling until you get 100% back.

Chaz is a great person who has been duped into putting his name on this ***. I know he is up in arms over the way GR is doing sketchy business in his good name.