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I ordered Wen cleansing conditioner from an informercial back in Semptember. Chaz Dean claims he created a unique hair care product (a haircare revolution!) that will cleanse and condition in one.

After the first use, I noticed my hair didn't feel much cleaner than it had before I washed it. Yes, the product left my hair smooth and shiny along with buildup on my scalp. I did some research on the igredients (thanks to Paula Begoun's website beautypedia.com)and found this product has no cleansing agents at all. So the claim that it's a cleansing conditioner and there is no need for a separate shampoo is totally false.

Dean claims the herbal extracts in the conditioner have cleansing properties, but there is no research to support the idea, and some of the ingredients, such as menthol, do more harm than good. I got some of the product on my face and it stung my skin.

That's never happened with any other shampoo I've used. Next time I want a shampoo and conditioner in one I'll try Pert.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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yes thanks, i was on the *** of getting on my phone and placing an order but first i wanted to come online and check out the reviews. I rather avoid the hassel of canceling.

I just wanted to try it for once time, i didnt think it would be a monthly thing.

thanks to everyone for your reviews. =)l


Wow, Elizabeth, I have to agree!!! A lot of idiots complain on this site but have never purchased the product through QVC or through Chaz Dean's website.

DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM A GUTHY RENKER INFOMERCIAL!!! Buy the real WEN from Chaz directly and then if you feel the need to complain, do so! ALSO, READ THE DIRECTIONS AND USE THE PRODUCT AS DIRECTED!!!

Love reading complaints from people who either use it their own way and not as directed or feel the need to 'supplement' with shampoo! YOU ARE DEFEATING THE PURPOSE OF THE PRODUCT IF YOU DO NOT USE AS DIRECTED!!!


The "stinging" is tea tree oil. You gotta love uneducated people who like to complain.


I ordered this product over the winter, as my hair was really dry. The first bottle worked great.

It seemed to fix my problems. So, I stuck with it... When I received the next two bottles. Call me paranoid....

but, honestly it does not smell the same and my hair is back to feeling like straw.

I am going to cancel! Why pay that kind of money for this garbage!


Thanks for the reviews! YOu saved another person from being scammed!


It's the same thing as conditioner only cleansing, which a lot of people do. However, a bottle of non-silicone conditioner is like 3-6 bucks, versus 29.

Conditioner actually cleans your hair, you just need to leave it on longer than shampoo. It's nothing new.


Well, I saw the commercial and like everyone else went to the computer to purchase. But thankfully I did my research first! Thanks to all the negative consumer reviews I am going to save my money (maybe invest in some cute sandals :p ) Thanks for sharing your experiences ladies!