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I have seen the constant star-studded WEN infomericals and no-risk ads in newspaper circulars for years. I thought I would give it a try with a no risk introductory offer.

As usual, the phone call to the distributors of WEN (Guthie-Renker) ended up taking a super long time and I got sucked into agreeing to a couple more items for a total of $38.10 - from the original offer of $19.95 plus free shipping. Soon after, I received an e-mail confirmation, but the charge indicated $121.87. I called them immediately and they said my merchandise was worth that much, but not to worry about it, I was only charged $38.11. A couple days later, I received the package and was shocked to find three bottles of shampoo (when I expected just one) and the other miscellaneous stuff.

To boot, the invoice said $109.85 plus sales tax of $8.24 = $118.09. It said clearly it would be charged in three installments on my visa. I called again, furious, and they assured me I was only charged $38.11 and that would be it. I asked why all of the paperwork showed different charges.

In broken English, they said not to worry and I will be charged only $38.11...and they were giving me a "courtesy discount" this one time because when I agreed to one of their add-on offers, I had agreed to pay for a three month supply. I told her I was never informed of such a thing and would never have agreed - and I wanted them to pull the phone recording. I complained that I don't want a courtesy...I only want what I agreed to and they can even take their extra shampoo back if they want. (But not at my expense) She insisted I keep it and she was sorry for the misunderstanding.

I told her I thought this was a SCAM and now I see tons of negative reviews on the internet with similar stories as mine that I should have read before buying. She responded to say they have millions of satisfied customers who don't put their stories on the internet. It was a bit contentious and I knew I wasn't getting anywhere with this person. I called my credit card company immediately and they have put a block on Guthie Renker/ WEN so they can't charge my card anymore.

(though the credit card company warned me that unscrupulous companies often use a different company name when the card is declined) I hope this works and I hope I don't get more product in the mail as so many other people say they do. Beware - this is a Terrible company with blatant bad business ethics! As for the product...WOW - I really hate to say I've never had such bad hair using a product. Flat, greasy...just awful hair.

I am just using it as conditioner on my ends at this point since I'm stuck with it. Perhaps it is just my hair, but unfortunately I am now reading a lot of similar complaints. I know they would likely say I am not following the directions properly, but it shouldn't be that hard to shampoo your hair and I do think I followed the directions.

With all of the thousands of shampoos and conditioners out there, I think consumers should think twice before getting involved with this scam. I will certainly be watching out for more charges, and if they succeed, I will contact the BBB and the Attorney general in my state and any other consumer advocate agencies who should be aware of this outfit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hello, Please contact our Corporate Escalation Team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet with details of your experience so that we can be of further assistance. The team is standing by and will be in touch with you directly once the form is submitted. Thank you.


Thank you for your post. I was thinking about ordering this, not now.

I seen some other comments about hair falling out.

I already have problems with hair loss due to Lupus. Thanks again.