Longboat Key, Florida

I started using Wen about 12 days ago. I wash every other other day.

I noticed last week that my head started itching insanely, and I had dandruff literally flying out of my hair. It was disgusting. I assumed I just wasn't washing the product out of my hair well enough so this weekend I made sure to wash it out double. Today, my head itches so bad I'm actually considering that I have fleas or something (I do not).

I do plan to keep using the product because it was so expensive.

I hope the dandruff subsides and a better result will ensue. I will say my hair is so super soft, BUT I had really healthy hair to begin with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Wen has done amazing things for my hair: it is so soft without conditioner and the color last much longer with less of difference between the roots and hair shaft. However, I developed severe dandruff; I've never had dandruff!

Also more than usually hair is falling out. I, too, don't want to stop using it but must to save my scalp and hair!!


If you like Wen, I will be the last person to say "stop" using, but the itchy scalp should be an indicator for you that something is amiss with the product that you are currently using, especially in light of the fact that you make no reference to any past problems with dandruff. The onset of dandruff can occur with environmental changes or the introduction of topical creams or hair products that can cause a buildup of yeast.

You may want to try an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse; equal parts vinegar, equal parts water as a natural method of cleaning your scalp. This will not only treat the dandruff, but also invigorate your scalp and rid both your scalp and hair of product buildup and return your hair to its natural ph balance, without stripping your hair of it's natural oils....


Someone suggested using apple cider vinegar to rinse the dandruff and build up off of your scalp. Equal parts water and vinegar.

Good luck! I've seen TONS of reviews about people getting dandruff from wen.

I almost bought it myself until reading all of these reviews today. :sigh