Fort Wayne, Indiana

I am having the same problem. I ordered their promotion product because I thought it was such a good deal, not realizing I was locked into automated delivery.

I called to cancel and they still continue to bill my credit card even though I have returned their product. The claim they have not received my return even though I have confirmation that they did. SHAME ON YOU CHAZ DEAN for hiring and training your employees to steal from people and accuse them of wrong doing.

That is no way to handle the selling of your product!!!! I am very disappointed

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i was thinking about ordering the product but i'm glad i didn't thank you to all the alerts on this site!!! thank you all for the great info. Chaz you should think about changing your strategy if you really beleive in your product you shouldn't force it...


When I went to the website to order I paid very close attention. Their website specifically tells you they will ship a 90 day supply in 30 days for just $29.95 per month.

Did you pay attention when u was ordering.

You agreed to those terms when you placed the 1st Order. DUH


I'm so glad I read this before I ordered it. I told them I was calling to try the product n y would I want an auto refill if I don't even know how I'll like their product.

Then inwas told that I could order a one time supply of $59 plus shipping n handling.

They are nuts. Needless to say I did nit order their products.


I had problems with them too I decided to try the trial offer they took my money I never recieved the product. Called my bank and placed a stop on all recurring charges.If they try to remove anymore money out of my account I will turn them into the BBB and The Attorney General for faud.


I just called my bank and asked them to refuse any charges from Wen. If they do happen to go through my bank will reimburse me and take it up with them. Hopefully this will work.


I just had the same problem with customer service. They hung up on me and told me that I have to keep on paying


Cancel your credit card & report them for fraud!!! They are horrible!

I canceled my account today!! I am reporting them to the BBB..


Wen is screwing with me too.

Ordered the first time deal.

Now they continue to charge and no reimbursement for returned product.

They disgust me!!!!


Im part of the customer service and I dont think we are that bad eh.... :x


:cry :upset :cry I was thinking about ordering WEN. I'm Soooooo Glad that I Didn't because I hear that they have VERY BAD Customer Service !!!!! Thank You for Posting about the Ripoff Artist, Chaz Dean !!!!